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Chinch bug


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I work in fine art university that wants little to no pesticide applied, we have a chinch bug problem on all the bank around two of the football fields as well as all around the campus, im trying to find method to contol the problem that either reduce the chemical used or perferable don't involve the use of chemical at all. The student here are very uninformed about chemical yet have very strough opinions about the uses. If anyone has any sujestion please help.
Andrea Ward


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South Bend, IN
Canadian site suggests that soaps, diatomaceous earth and resistant grasses are biological controls. http://www.ns.ec.gc.ca/epb/factsheets/bkyard_bug/chinch.html

See Dr. Shetlar's overview at http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~ohioline/hyg-fact/2000/2503.html. A call to him would give you a good start on your final answer. Will probably be to overseed with resistant or endophyte types.

In our area I have only dealt with chinch bug in zoysia and bentgrass; Shetlar says many ryes and fescues are problems. Might be interesting to ask if bluegrasses are affected.

And don't worry about Stone, he isn't always so obnoxious.


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dirty jersey
hi andrea: welcome to the forum,a no chem. approch would be to core aerate the heck out of that area,and over seed area with a "endophyte-containing turfgrass"this will provide protection from the chinch bugs,they are a mess,i know.
also check with your county ag.extensition office.


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thanks for the help. I would like to rethink the policy but the area im in has very strict chemical application laws which are get alot stricter over the next 5 years, at that point almost no chemical are allowed on residential property so there is alot of pressure to follow suit. There is also not alot of research done in this area on turf , it all thoery , i thought manybe in a forum like this i could get feed back from other who would have ideas or no of produce that haven't been tryed here. Every time we spray we have people planting dead bird etc. Also chinch bug is not near as much of a problem here as it is in other areas. I have prof. at the university saying use methods that have never been proven outside of a lab with a cost that is scary, im just trying to find a happy medium where i can manage the problem and keep the enviromentalist off my back.
Andrea wrote:

> Every time we spray we have people planting dead bird etc

Then they should ban all pesticide apps on campus even cockroach, termite, and carpenter ant control applications.

Let them live with roaches for a while and then MAYBE they will have another opinion.

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