Chinch Bugs in Florida!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Joey2028, Nov 8, 2006.

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    I Bad

    Last night I had a few beers and came home to make the above post at 1 am in the morning. I mixed up the names of these two chemicals. Sahara is the correct name I was referring to.


    It is easy enough to cross reference Chemical names to find the Agi Brand name at a cheaper price. However if you get caught the fine will out weight the saving. Yes it gets me mad when I see agriculture spray acres of chemicals that we can't even buy legally. But the farmer have a strong lobby.
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    Ric, I thought you mistyped But don't forget the golf corse
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    I am a cheap Date, I get drunk on 2 and plowed on 4. I had 5 last night so I don't have a clue as to WTF I did. But my Headache this morning, tells me I must of had a great time.
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    By the way just for your info, I am certified. I apologize for not knowing about this other safari, didnt realize there was another one. Also, i have been working for the same guy since i was 12 years old, so alot of products on the market i am not to familiar with, esp if they arent used in the south as i have never lived up north, also the company i previously worked for didnt use em i dont know to much about em. I try to learn about as many products as i can but owning my own chemical company keeps me pretty much busy, i know how to treat St. Augustine very well, northern turf and bermuda are my weaknesses. Sorry.
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    Go to lesco and get a pint of talstar or crosschek liquid and some granular. First, spray the chinch affected area with the liquid. 4 or 5 days later, treat again with the granular...then water it in. Staggering treatments is neccessary to complete a kill on the chinch and the eggs. The price of the liquid is costly... But, it is a lot cheaper than a new yard. A pint also goes a long way. So the next time you have this problem(you will), you'll be ready. Also, put some iron on the affected grass to help it heal up a little faster.
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    Hey Matt I try not to come off defensive but you attacked me first. I live in Florida to if you have not tried Safari you are missing out on a cash cow on sagos. It is the best thing going for Asian Cycad Scale. This product completlt wipes it out give it a try. I did over $25,000 last year in sago treatments. Not one call back.
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    I see you are another lawn boy Yankee who needs to stay North of the Mason Dixon line. That being the Mason Dixon line between Georgia and Florida. You are really showing your ignorants by suggesting we keep applying the same chemical to a problem that the insect has build a resistances too. If Bifenthrin doesn't control chinch bugs, more Bifenthrin won't control them either. Read your pesticide handbook and understand the word ROTATE chemicals. Bifenthrin-Talstar is not the only insecticide on the market or is it a cure all as the manufacture suggests. Don't let your education of your professions look like your family tree, a telephone pole. Broaden your horizons and read Industry Magazine or buy some real text books on the subject. Just because you bought your certificate in a drug store doesn't make you the doctor.
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    Tom Maccubin recomended safari last time I talked to him
  9. A.T.A.K

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    Pro Mo your in my neck of the woods. You heard this is Toms last year. Safari is an expensive app It will run you about $6-$7 per thousand.
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    Tim & Brian

    You guys need to get together and have a beer. I see a good friendship in the making.

    BTW Tim, I just moved your E Mail address to my "Undisclosed Recipients list" Brian has been receiving Junk E mail from me for years. Now you will have the same PITA Honor.

    PS Brian I will be in a beer chugging contest with a NJ midget at Disney World in early March and hope to see you then.

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