Chipper Shredder Idea

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Steiner, Oct 28, 2012.

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    Here's another thing to look at.

    The EPA is pretty strict on composting and having the correct site to do it on.

    So, you might want to consider the size of your composting operation and the rules and regs before going forward.

  2. GravelyWalker

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    Yeah have not looked that far into it as far as producing enough for sale just for my property. I really like doing it though and seeing the transformation of the material. I also throw away alot less all of our garden scraps and such get turned into fertile soil.
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    i had the same ideas so bought a chipper for the bobcat. to labour intensive. as the other poster said,a tub grinder is the only way to go.also the chips take a long time to compost. we currently compost all our grass clippings and leaves which works great. i than i had to build a trommel screen so that i could clean the material prior to selling it.
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    was also looking into doing this with leaf and grass clippings. what did you build the trommel out of? I found a topsoil screener that sells for just under $5,000 but dont know how comparable that is to a compost screener. Any insight on this topic would be appreciated.
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    Bottom line is your solution has to be better than what you are all ready doing. What's faster throwing it in your dump or standing there chipping it? What's cheaper. Dumping it at the proper disposal area at 50.00 per dump. Or dumping it your yard turning it several times and then loading it up again to spread it on your jobs. Don't forget that you have to comply with all new York solid waste laws. Beware that you are responsible for any pollution that might occur from your activities. Right now the place that you are dumping at is assuming all those risks. What's cheaper. Buying mulch at 20.00 per yard versus you buying at loader and Turner and time and labor to process mulch. At least you are thinking about it. Good luck
  6. LawnsByCam

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    I was thinking about also charging people to dump debris which could also help distribute the cost

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