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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by glenspot, Sep 22, 2004.

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    Use to have one. Found it useless for anything other than the chipper shredder thing on it, and that wasn't so hot in my opinion either... They are slower than cold molasses in leaves. Don't waste your money. If you want to spend that much get a good big backpack blower (63cc like Echo 650 or Shindaiwa 630 or Redmax 7001) or even the new RedMax 8000 backpack (72/73 cc). It will be many many times more productive and profitable than that thing. Please do not buy it. I had to go very very slow with mine to actually get it to suck up the leaves, and then you're only taking off two feet at time. The bag does fill up anyway and you then have to unhook it, go all the way to the truck or curb and dump it, go back, hook it up, start up engine and keep going. It's a waste for leaves!!!!
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    My dad has an old Echo similar to the yardman setup. Spent way too much time walking at a turtles pace then looking behind me and seeing it barely picked anything up. The Echo has a big chute that turns to hit the ground so I would blow into piles, then rake it in the big chute. Sucked em right up. Bag gets full quickly. Too small IMO.
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    I have one gathering dust in the barn. We used to use it to pick up clippings when doing cedar hedges but the mulched cedar would make me sick for days so we stopped using it altogether. It will be going to auction this spring. I have 4 different small chippers and they are alll going to be gone and maybe I will buy the 3 point hitch one I have been wanting and needed for years.

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