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    A question for those of you who have experience in this area. I mow a vacant property which has been neglected for a few years. The owner is eventually planning on occupying the house. There are multiple volunteer trees growing in the beds along the back and sides of the house, up to about 4 or 5 inches in diameter, and perhaps 20 feet tall. I normally don't do much of this type of stuff, but it is nearby, and with the mowing getting ready to shut down in a few weeks, I inquired as to whether the owner would be interested in having it cleaned up, but haven't heard back from her yet.

    Here is the quandary. If I don't find somewhere closer, I'll have to haul the debris about 60 miles round trip to my buddies farm. I'm guessing I'll have 3 loads on my 16 ft trailer, possibly 4. I can rent a chipper (6 inch) for about $120 for 4 hours from the local equipment rental. I figure it will cost me about $25 per load to haul to my friend's place, plus kill at least 1 1/2 hours per load. I'll still have to haul off the chips, if I use a chipper, and am wondering how much a 16 ft trailer of brush say 4 feet high will make after grinding? I know there are lots of variables, but I'm thinking if I can end up making only one disposal run, instead of 3, and possibly 4, I might be better off renting the chipper, not to mention saving myself a lot of work loading and unloading the brush. I have a full-size pickup, but with a short bed. Thanks for any input.
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    I had my 5x10 utility trailer filled over 4' tall with small brush from twigs to 4" branches, fired up the 18hp Dr chipper that I just recently bought (used) and consolidated it ALL into a 42 gal trash can.This works perfect for me as I can aim the chippings chute right into the trash can and bag all the chippings.Instead of me having to run to the dump I just leave them for the trash man to take away on yard waste day.
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    The Vermeer that you will probably rent makes damn good mulch.
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    I have a 20hp Bearcat chipper/shredder. In my experience you should readily get a 20+ fold reduction in volume chipping a pile of felled small trees, limbs and brush.

    So you should easily only need one load to transport debris. Better yet, if the chipper has the ability to adjust a gate or has a fine screen, you can generate nice mulch you might be able to spread in the yard and not haul the material at all.
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    You will be surprised at how a chipper can turn a big tree into a little pile of mulch.
  6. JDiepstra

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    I think you are not going to have as many loads as you think you will. I took down 3 100' tall Ash trees and hauled them off in 6 loads on a 12' trailer. How many trees are you talking? 10 trees 20' tall would be one load. The branches on the trees I was taking down were 3 times the size of the trees you are talking. It would be such a small amount of mulch that you might as well just blow it right into the beds.
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    Put some 4x8' plywood sides on your pickup and you will be able to hold all the chips in one load. I would suggest nicking the bigger limbs so they fold back toward the top of the tree so the tree goes through the chipper with out getting hung up. The rental chippers in this area are chuck + ducks. They don't have a driven feed wheel, the cutter head pulls the tree through. It would be cheaper in the long run to sub the tree removal to a small tree company. I have done it both ways and its cheaper to sub.

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