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Portsmouth, VA
I don't know if you're talking about a tow behind or one of the small ones. My uncle gave me his in August. It can take leaves in the hopper, or vac hose. It also takes up to 3" limbs. I like it, but it may not be something good for every day use. The ones similar to it are about $800 to $900. Can't tell you much about the big commercial units.


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San Antonio, TX
I've check out there site but there is no pricing..really looking for price....a friend who runs another company got one used for $20,000 looking for price of new....


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Vermeer, Gravely, Bandit all make large units. The price can vary radically depending on engine size. 20hp up to 120hp, it's a big range, so's the price. I have seen some of the larger units at $80,000.00Can+
What size wood do you need to chip?



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West Haven, CT
We've been using a Brush Bandit 250xp for some time now and it seems to be a very reliable and efficient unit. It cost about $26,000 new and is fairly well equipped. Cummins Turbo diesel, 100' winch, telescoping trailer tongue, and more. It takes nice big pieces and is easy to operate. We were renting from local tree guys in their down time, and this make seemed to be the most popular, so it only made sense to go with it. Try before you buy!