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    Hi all, I tried to find a more appropriate place for this but it didn't seem to fit anywhere.

    I run a one-man Lawn mowing/tree felling/snow removal business on the side and I recently bought a well-serviced asplundh chuck-and-duck chipper that runs amazing. I have been kept busy with tree work every weekend since I started advertising that service on Nextdoor but things have started to slow a bit so I've been looking for other work when I came across this bamboo chipping opportunity:

    It is a ton of chipping that he wants done for $800 but everything is already cut and I'm walking away after I'm done so I don't have to worry about regrowth or controlling the bamboo. I've only been able to find one YouTube video of chipping bamboo with this sort of chipper so I'm wondering if any of you have done this before. I still have time to back out but $ is $!

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    Well, I learned a few things from this. 1) Customers that set the price are always going to win and 2) a drum chipper doesn't do all that good a job on bamboo. Here's a few pictures of what I was left with after everything was said and done. I ended up getting $900 for the job instead of $800 but probably took closer to 20 hours to complete. IMG_1255.jpg IMG_1254.jpg
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    bamboo is terrible. have seen it go under roads to the other side and pop up.wont take on a yard with any bamboo in vicinity, learned my lesson.thanks for the interesting post
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    Bamboo is messy whether your shredding it. Or in my case trimming it and removing it from the site.
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