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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by HarmonLawn, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. HarmonLawn

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    Ive been golfing for years and one thing Ive always wanted is a chipping green, but where I dont know how to make one and how to take care of it. Please Help! I have a fair knowlage of lawncare and management.
  2. sjj14

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    Are you looking for just a chipping green or one you can actually putt on. The reason I ask is the lower you cut your green the more work and expense you will have.
    1.An actual green you can putt on needs daily mowing, H20, bi weekly fungicide apps. seasonal aeration and on and on. Its like having another pet dog to take care of.
    2. A chipping green is one you practice hitting to and the roll of the ball is not as important thus less maintenance. you will still need all of the above just not as intense of a program.

    3.There are alot of artifical greens out there that are pretty decent and you can get away with very little to no maintence with these.

    Tell us what you really want and i can get more specific with any of the above options.
  3. HarmonLawn

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    Well Im 15 so you know school, work, etc. is in the way so one with the least work. But I want one so when I chip it can roll.
  4. LawnSite Fanatic
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    LOL I love to hear someone 15 yrs old, Say they have been doing something for years. Please dont take it personally. Just kinda makes me chuckle.

    Keep on workin' and golfing!
  5. HarmonLawn

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    lol I can see how you are chuckleing:)
  6. Dollar Spot

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    Don't do it, you'll end up married to it before your 16.
  7. HarmonLawn

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    i can see what your saying
  8. turfnh2oman

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    For what you want go synthetic. There are many website that tell you how to build them but below is a basic guideline:

    1) cut out and pour a concrete pad for size and shape 3-4" thick at least. set your cups (regulation) on the bottom of the base soil so the concrete will surround them but not overflow into them. Pour concrete and let set and cure. Look on the web for any number of synthetic turfs. Some are sand filled and some are not. It depends on what you want as an end result. You can either glue the turf to the concrete or topdress it with sand and the weight alone will keep it down and secure. Cut out your cup holes and trim the edges and 'Voila, 1 chipping / putting green with low to no maintenance.

    As for trying to build a "real" one, don't do it unless you have thousands of dollars to build it properly and more thousands to constantly maintain it, forever.
  9. mdvaden

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    So what's your choice...

    Live or artificial?

    If live, let me know, I've got some ideas. Worked at many golf courses.

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