chips or stones? how do you lay stones

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bigjeeping, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Gave an esimate for 15 yards of woodchips ($85/yd installed) for "ground cover" in this guy's backyard. He wants to go with me but then wanted an estimate for laying stone down instead so that he wont have to re-mulch every year.

    I've never worked with stone...... would I first lay down a plastic lining then put the stone on top? How many inches of stone? Are there any names for stone mixes that would work?

  2. LB1234

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    By us the common decorative stone is:

    3/4" & 3/8" Barn Red Stone

    1" & 1-3" Delaware River Rock

    Pea Gravel---not sure on the size but white & yellow in color...I never deal with it.

    I don't lay plastic down I use a good landscape fabric. Plastic won't let the water drain through...unless you pole holes through it and then it kinda defeats the purpose of the weed barrier.
  3. QCS

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    We usually till the beds, Preen then depending on customers request, we apply a weed barrier. Our most common stone install is 3/4" red stone or 1"-2" river rock. Most of our customers usually decline the fabric and apply weed/grass killer as needed.
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    we have tons of different kinds of rock around here.. i would go with 2-3 inches of rock and charge double the labor you figured for your mulch..

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