Chips/Programmers/Exhaust upgrades for diesels?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tcls83, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. tcls83

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    Does anyone run their diesels with a chip or programmer or other diesel upgrades? How can you get away with running your truck with the mods without voiding the trucks warranty?

    I have an 06 F350 Powerstroke, and have been considering these mods. But I am afraid I may void my warranty if I install them, so I am just wondering how some of you with newer trucks with upgrades deal with this? If mods actually do void the warranty, I am not going to touch anything on the truck.

    Also, who makes a good setup that isn't really too expensive? If anyone does have a modded diesel, what kind of upgrades do you have on your truck, and what kind of a performance increase does it give you?

  2. POPO4995

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    Chips, programmers, etc. will void your warranty unless you find a Ford dealer which installs these things or is o.k. with you putting these aftermarket performance mods on your truck. I personally have a MBRP no cat. converter exhaust system on my truck and it does void the warranty. I'm installing a DP Tuner programmer in the spring. You will get better mileage and better performance out of your truck but....:rolleyes:
  3. Travel'n Trees

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    Sorry popo but if it has a carb number and it is not directly responcible for the problem it does not void your warranty, but be careful ford is one of the strongest manufactures blaming their problems on everyone else, mainly K+N, instead of spending .05 cents more and making a good air box. I would be careful because the 6.0 has the highest TSB's and 7.3 is number 2 of any car ever produced.
  4. Randy J

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    Travel'n Trees is correct in that a manufacturer can not void your warranty simply because you have modified the truck. However, rarely are mechancial issues black and white, and when gray the manufacturer will look for any reason to get out of paying - including that chip you installed. For instance, automatic transmission burns up - it's the chips fault, too much power going through it. However, if all you've done is put on an air filter, then they would have a hard time denying that transmission. Simply put, if you're going to put in a chip - or otherwise modify, you'd better be ready to be your own warranty.
    Now the good news about chips; they not only increase power, they increase fuel mileage (diesels are great about that!). And, as long as you don't get excessive, or abuse it, putting a chip in won't lead to any problems.
  5. lawnmaniac883

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    Be ready to have tranny work done when you start turning up the power.
  6. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    I have an 05 dodge cummins, 3/4 ton 4x4. I have a cold air intake, straight 4" exhaust(high performance free flow muffler), no cat, and a diablo sport programmer. I tow with it on the the middle setting wich is about 100 hp and 180ft.lbs of tg. With my mods I get about 2.5 mpg better while pulling, and bout 4-5 mpg better when empty. If I need to go to the dealership I just plug the programmer back to stock and it is back to stock. I bought it new in May of last year and have 39,000 miles on it with ZERO problems.

    If I feel crazy when I am not towing, I can tune the truck with the programmer for an additional 160 hp and 250-290 ftlbs of tg. WOW LOOK OUT! I don't do that very often though because as noted above, to much power can hurt the tranny. I am planning on getting a better torge cnverter soon, then it will be safer to run on the high more often setting if I wish.
  7. tnmtn

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    i agree with the mow it all. i run a duramax with cold air intake, mbrp 4" straight pipe no cat. and a superchips set at tow-safe. tow- safe is level one, it says not to tow over 6000 lbs. on higher levels. when it goes to the dealer i program it back to stock and when the weekend comes and it hasn't been raining sometimes i'll run it to the higher levels. haven't seen any negatives so far.
    good luck,
  8. ed2hess

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    We have a new diesel Chev that actually has more power than we need can I get a chip to dial it back and increase mileage? What would it cost?
  9. xcopterdoc

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    Chipping, reprogramming ect.. WILL void the warranty on all drive train related parts. The factory is fighting every dealer on warranty issues.
    Putting the correcrt NAPA filter on yur Ford will not void the warranty... installing a programmable chip will. And it WILL leave a trace in the PCM that you wont be able to erase. Even the heavy equipment out there have PCM's that record everything for 1000's of hours, Try and get a warranty on an injection pump when the computer shows you didnt change the filters and had 13 percent water in the fuel.
    The CARB number just means it meets emissions specs for the Feds. And as long as yur problem isnt drivetrain related, yur cool. BUT! If that check engine light ever comes on and you have it llooked over at a dealer, they WILL see that its chipped or reprogrammed and they might make a note of it. Which will void the warranty.
  10. Travel'n Trees

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    Ford will void waranties for charging cell phones in cigarette lighter and not the power port. Just because FORD does it, doesn't mean it is legal or right, they are trying to cover their cutting cost, anyway they can. Ford is not what I consider respectable company, (any company that purposely endagers your life for a buck is wrong). Let sema fight for you and they will.

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