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    I'm down to decision to buy a Hustler Super Z, 25HP Kaw, but uncertain on which deck size. I priced both the 60 & 54, only a Ben Franklin seperates them. I mow mainly residential and I'm thinking 54. What do you other guys think? I need to act quickly since I have already sold my other mower. It was a Hustler Z 52/23. Thanks!
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    I demoed, the Hustler Z with the 26 l.c. kawi and 60 inch deck. To be very honest that machine is very power hungry. I would say if you are set for the 25 h.p. engine you are going to like the smaller deck. Those pumps drain horsepower like I have never seen. The 60 inch super z is a great candidate in my personal opinion for one of the big block vanguards that are out there. You should demo a machine. You can always tell the dealer you sold you machine and you are going to buy the hustler and I am sure they will, if they are good, let you try them both if available to get a fell for the deck size. I havent seen many with the 54 inch deck though but it could just be my local dealer. Best of luck that machine seems like its built to a high level of quality when I looked it over.

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