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I have a friend of mine that wants there yard overseeded. I'm not to familar with different types of grasses. I live in Kansas City and would like something that was drought resistance and can handle heavy traffic (he has a dump truck and has to turn around in the yard alot). He has a little bit of everthing in the yard but tall fescue is the most common. I read some place that Bluegrass withstands traffic pretty good could you overseed it with this type of grass? Any sugesstions you may have will be VERY helpfull. THANKS!!!


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Evansville, IN
I wouldn't use bluegrass in your area.<p>I recently seeded in S. IN and used a blend of 4 fescues. Equal amounts of KY 31, Camolot, Lexas, and Vegas.<p>Don't buy cheap seed.<p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>


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You'll want to get a turf-type tall fescue. Excellent grass but poor color and not a soft lush look to it.<p>Most people do not like the looks of tall fescue, but if this customer doesn't mind appearance, tall fescue is an excellent utility grass.<p>Very dought and wear tolerant.

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