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    I'm CONSIDERING selling both of my Scags and POSSIBLY buying a 48" or 52" hydro w/b or stand on. My Scag w/b fits everywhere and the size is perfect, but it needs more power and ground speed (why I bought the rider) but owning two machines is costly when you can't really justify them. They're both great machines but a 52" Stand on would be just as effecient as the 61 rider I have and would go about everywhere the w/b does, so it only makes sense to think about getting one. I bet I might get $6,000 selling both Scags together on ebay?
    If I got a walk behind, it would need floating deck, hydro and something other than pistol grips, and need to go fast with a sulky. I honestly like the Hustler but it's definately not the cheapest. I'd like something that is easy, precise, and comfortable to control at high speeds with a sulky (in other words, not pistol grips. The Hustler I used was good here, haven't tried ECS). Here's some of the machines in the line-up that I've priced (new) and might like to have:

    Hustler walk behinds, hydro floating deck:
    48" 17hp recoil start Kawi twin $5595 (8mph)
    54" 17hp recoil start Kawi twin $5795 (8mph)

    eXmark walk behinds, hydro floating deck:
    48" 17hp TTHP ECS recoil start Kawi twin $5099 (6.2mph)
    52" 17hp TTHP ECS recoil start Kawi twin $5299 (6.2mph)

    Great Dane walk behinds, hydro fixed deck (not too "keen" on):
    48" 17hp Kawi twin recoil start Scamper walk behind loop controls $3795 (7mph hey it's cheap anyway and looks simple)
    52" 22hp Kohler electric start Gateway (folding deck for gates) with pistol grips $4795 (7mph)

    Great Dane Super Surfer stand on hydro floating deck:
    48" 17hp Kawi twin electric start $4995 (8.5mph)
    52" 17hp Kawi twin electric start $5095 (8.5mph)
    52" 23hp Kawi twin electric start $5495 (8.5mph)

    Not having tried the eXmark ECS, right now I like the looks of the Hustler or GD SS because they're fast and easy to control at higher speeds. A regular pistol grip isn't like a Hustler as you cannot speed up and slow down at will without reaching up and grabbing the lever. I've found you could cut some time speeding up for bursts between obstacles! LOL Duh, but hey you cannot do that with pistol grips. Before I wasn't sure I liked the Hustler H-bar but I could easily get used to it. I know eXmark has all the praise on here but no one seems to be running the Hustler or GD SS to comment on them. I'm still looking to see if I could find a used machine to save money, but if I decided to do this and went with new ones I think it would be down to Hustler and SS as they are in a "similar" class and price range. The Gateway would definately be most versatile but it has the hated fixed deck and pistol grips, as well as the fact that it would be harder to get used to maneuvering, and would stripe funny.
    Any thoughts on the Hustler (other than Pete hehe) or GD SS in these size ranges?
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    If you can not justify both mowers then why did you buy that 61" scag? Just curious why with only ten accounts.
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    IF you go with the 52" Super Surfer get either the 23HP Kawi, or the 22HP Kohler. IMHO 17HP is not enough for what you are asking the machine to do.
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    I dunno bout the GD SS, but I do love my 2 48 standers. Great visibility, easy to maneuver, little trailer space. With a good operator no problem w/ tearing turf on turns or hills (this will take some practice!) Personally I hate the look of the extra lines of a sulky. As everyone will suggest - DEMO, DEMO, DEMO!!
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    sorry but they are not worth $6000

    At best you could get a $1000 - $1500 for the rider and $500 - $700 for the WB

    I have owned Scags for 19 years and I think this would be a good price where I live.

    You have to look at them objectively and see that while in fair shape they are a little on the rough side.

    Just MHO
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    Eric, the only problem is your pricing. You should be able to buy the 17hp 48 for $1,000 Less than the price you are getting quoted. You should have no problem paying about $4,595 for the 17/48 Hustler. Shame on the dealer who is raping you.
    Call Hustler and find the rep for that area and talk to him.
  7. 11 accounts, gotta keep up........;)

    He wants to be productive and efficient, cause that's all he reads about. You got to make money first, then trim the fat.

    Make money with what you have now, if you go and buy another mower, you are a moron, even if you sell what you have to buy them.

    Now it is time to learn from all your mistakes.

    Work with what you have.:sleeping:
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    Those 2 mowers arn't worth 6 grand. Maybe 3 grand for both. I agree with LGF use what you have for now and make some money then go get something new but 11 accounts can't realy justify it.l
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    Just thought I'D throw this out-Land Pride zr20/52,20hp honda,100% hustler made 4850 or 0down 99.00mo.I'll never buy another w/b.Most of people here don't even have a 21 or a w/b,just a ztr-it must be nice.:(
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    Good Lord man, stop buying mowers and get to work getting customers. LGF gave you some good advice. How about you get some more accounts to justify those mowers. Oh, $6 grand for those Scags, I wouldn't bet on it. LMAO

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