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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by stoneseller, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. stoneseller

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    I'm trying to decide which 3 point hitch aerator to purchase. I'm mounting to a Kubota L4330.

    From browsing the net, I have tentatively narrowed my options down to either a Woods PL60 or PL72, or a Landpride CA2560 or CA2572.
    Both manufacturer's claim up to 4 1/2" coreing depth using hardened steel spoons.

    I have yet to find a dealer in my area (Montgomery Co, MD) who has either brand or size in stock. I really would like to see one in person before ordering & waiting.

    I have looked at the local Lesco store, they do have their 60" unit in stock. It seems pretty light duty looking. The spoons seem to made of pretty thin metal.

    I will be using this on a 3 acre property. Most areas of lawn are nasty hardpan clay with a lot of rocks, in need of some serious enhancement. I'm figuring several years of regular aerating & topdressing is called for, hence my desire to buy one of these heavy beasts.

    Anyone here use either of these brands, or willing to recommend another option?

  2. lawn king

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    I have the pl60, works great, built like a battleship. You do have to load up the weight tray big time to get the 4" plugs. I have a kubota B3030, for that big L4330 i would go with the pl72. I compared the landpride to the woods and its just a little lighter duty. If cost is not an issue, you may want to look at the commercial ryans.
  3. Mr.Ziffel

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    I discussed it in a post on this forum Sept. 12 so you can search under my name to read my review - I know it's kind of hidden in an old post but I haven't posted here for a while and I'm not familiar with how to use all the features of this site.

    I'm still very pleased with the Land Pride - it's heavy duty, will take a lot of extra weight if your ground's not soft and will pull a very deep, nice plug.

    I'm not familar with the Kubota models, but my Massey compact tractor will lift the six foot Land Pride no problem. The front end can get a bit light for turning when it's loaded to the max but now that my ground is a bit softer after some rain, I'm using only 500 pounds of extra weight and the tractor doesn't even notice. Just check the 3-point lifting capacity of your tractor to determine if it will pick up the aereator.

    I think you're right that compared to the LandPride or the Woods that the Lesco, Bluebird, Classen models will seem to be a bit lightweight - I rented one a couple of years ago and there's no comparison if you want a really heavy duty model.

    Finally, I think a 72" model may be a bit more than you need for 3 acres. When I was shopping, my usual dealer had a used Frontier [made for John Deere] 60" for $1675 and a new 60" LandPride for I think $2100 or $2200.
    Another dealer had the Woods 60" for I think $2700. The third dealer had two Land Prides that hadn't sold for three years, one a 48" for $1200 and the other 72" for $1875. I went back and forth and made a chart showing how much ground I could cover [in theory] for each of the different sizes.
    It's a simple mathematical exercise, but I don't feel like doing it again [I threw out all my notes] but if you look at the Turfco website they give you a number to start with of acres per hour and you can go up or down from there.

    My final figures showed theoretically, that at 5mph I could do 3.5 acres per hour with a 72" implement. Since I'm doing between 6 and 8 acres of lawn [depending on growing conditions and pasture requirements] and another 20 - 30 acres of pasture [again depending on conditions] the larger deck was a no brainer for me. In practice, I've been able to do 3 acres per hour at approx. 5 mph [according to gps] which turns out to be about top speed to get good plugs. You lose time at the end of each pass to lift and turn.

    I don't think you can go wrong with the LandPride. About 7 years ago I was in the market for a pull-behind grooming mower and went with the Woods as it was heavier and seemed to be better built than the LP. I noticed LP's mowers while shopping for this aerator and they have noticeable beefed them up. The LP aerator is much beefier than several others I looked at and about the same as the Woods. I ended up paying $1800 for the 3 year old but never used 72" aerator - it had some rust on parts but a spray with Fluid Film [free sample was nice - thanks FF] and some grease in zerks and it's like new. Good luck, Will M>
  4. lawn king

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    Landpride for the most part has impressed me, i have their, york rake,quick hitch and rotary cutter. I had the lp pto spreader, fs700, it was total junk, rotted out in one season! I have a fourteen acre aeration monday & i aerated 5 acres friday ( all kubota). At some point monday i will be wishing i had that pl72>
  5. stoneseller

    stoneseller LawnSite Member
    from MD Z7
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    Thanks for the feedback.
    My closest Ag equip dealer sells Woods, so it looks like that's the brand I will get.

    Both Woods models have the same number of spikes, so I'm inclined to stick with the 60" model, even tho it will be narrower than my tractor. I have a lot of places where my 61" Wildcat just fits between some tree rings, and I figure I can back the 60" unit into these spots more easily than I could the 72".

    Frankly I would buy the Landpride unit just as readily as the Woods if I could get it in a hurry. I was quoted $1850 for the PL60, which seems like a worthwhile investment.

    To Lawn King: I really like the looks of the Ryan line, but I can't begin to justify one of their units for what I will be doing.

    Thanks again for the feedback

  6. turfcobob

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    David: The wider the aerator the more missed spots you may have. When the ground is uneven it will hold the aerator up in spots so you do not get holes. This is the nature of rigid axle aerators. Therefore you will want to look at less width and more speed. Rolling aerators using the Ryan design tine which is the standard of the industry aerate best at 5 to 6 mph. So a 42 inch aerator going 5 mph will aerate 3 acres in no time. Now you will need to get at least 9 holes per sq. ft. No aerator out there does that so you will have to go over several times to get the right number of holes. Depth is ok as long as you are over 2.5 inches deep for most grasses. A word of caution here....If you buy a unit that has all the tines on the axle turning at the same time or they are rigid mounted you will get tearing and possible tine damage when you turn even slightly. You want a unit that the tine wheels turn independently or at least in pairs so they will not tear the soil when you make a turn. see aerators at or call 800-679-8201 and get a CD
  7. lawn king

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    Good post turfcobob, the woods has independent gang wheel, i have experienced no lock up what so ever! It's by far our most profitable tractor implement.
  8. FINN

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    I have a Woods 60" I would like to sell. It's a year old. Works fine and looks good. I just don't use it like I thought I would. Send me a PM if your interested. I am located in SE PA.
  9. stoneseller

    stoneseller LawnSite Member
    from MD Z7
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    Had I known this early last week I would have been very interested. I was off all week, home cursing the rain & looking for something to do. Now I'm back to work, and I ordered a new one yesterday, I should see it by Wednesday.
  10. Potomac Lawns Inc.

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    How much are you asking? and do you have any pics

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