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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by supercuts, Apr 12, 2008.

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    flipping through my paper yesterday to see what new landscape companies are jumping on the band wagon for this year when i see "Get R Done Landscaping LLC". i though it was a joke. who in their right mind makes a choice like that. it is one of the most unprofessional choices out there. to the new or young guys out there, pic something that as you get older you will not be embarrassed about. if i was a customer looking in the paper i would skip buy that ad never calling it assuming the person is an immature teen.
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    If you do a search on this , someone from LS actually posted a question about using that name. I thought they were from a different area
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    If I saw some professional looking company named " Git er Done" I'd hire them, but if they looked like I've seen a lot of different businesses that had lousy names, and catch phrases. One That I've seen reciently was a plumbing company driving trucks that were painted to look like ambulances."Emergency Plumbing"

    " Turnkey building Maintenance" the key to your problems.

    Anyone with a jesus fish.

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