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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by czjmp6, May 31, 2004.

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    I've browsed through the various "choosing a ZTR" threads and most seem focused on 42" and larger ZTR's. I'm looking for a smaller one - something in the 30" range (36" at most). I'm narrowing in on either a Toro or Dixon. A neighbor of mine recently bought an old 42" Dixon and it's a real hoot to use. It's fast and very maneuverable. It has the old cone style drive. I'm curious about what maintenance is involved with this drive. Is it fairly robust? I can get a 30" or 36" Dixon with either the cone drive or their new hydrostatic drive. Would one be preferable over the other from a maintenance/longevity point of view?

    I'm also curious about opinions on the Toro. I haven't seen one in person yet - I'll stop at a dealer next week. Any recommendations for other small ZTR's from other manufacturers?
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    Gravely manufacturers a PM3Z w/ 15hp Kawasaki & 34" fabricated deck ($4000) that is a commercial unit as well as other consumer models ex.ZT1540 ($2500) is @ top of page.
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    Hustler has a new Mini FasTrak with a 36" deck. They don't have info on their site yet but you can get some details in the Hustler forum on this site.
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    Simplicity seems to have new line out, based on the Ferris design. I'm not sure of sizes, but you might want to give them a look.

    Actually, I just took a look, and it seems the smallest Simplicity ZTR is 44", so this may not help you. Oh well.
  6. czjmp6

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    Thanks, I hadn't considered the Gravely but from their website it looks like something I should. I went to my nearest Gravely dealer at lunch and he claimed to have just sold his last one and made it clear he didn't want to get any more in. He quoted me $400 over list and a two week lead time. I think he was just trying to sell out of inventory, which at the moment is all Dixon. I tried calling the second nearest Gravely dealer and they didn't pick up the phone, so I guess I'm out of luck on the Gravely.
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    Check out the JAZeeOne ( for under $3200. They all come with heavy duty flip-up decks for easy cleaning, easy single joystick control and commercial grade blade tip speed (19,000 fpm) for clean cuts (and the only 3-blade 38" deck that I'm aware of). The Kohler engine (avoid B&S) provides more than enough oomph. Good luck!

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