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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by CentralTIS, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. CentralTIS

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    I'm the Marketing Director for a Landscape and Irrigation Supply company.
    My job is to help our sales team reach out to potential customers.What's the most important reason you would choose or possibly switch suppliers?is it just price? or does service, technical expertise and reliability play into it?
  2. mowyo

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    Everything you mentioned is important , but I am less concerned about price . I save money because of pulling into 1 place and getting exactly whats needed the first time . Local nursery has it all - great mulch in any color , plant selection , irrigation parts , stone , pavers , fertilizer , clothing , boots - you name it , they have it and priced fairly .
  3. ralph02813

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    I would agree!
  4. ryan alyssa

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    Ith would say service is the most important thing. I have been using the same supplier for around 10 years mabey even more. There products were great reliable and just wonderful people to deal with. They are with in 10 miles of 90% of our clients. In the last 3 years the younger children have taken it over and have become terrible to deal with. Probably the worst attitude at the front desk I have ever seen. I have spent an enormous amount of money with these people and they treat us like that. I am not a person on any type of power trip and don't expect any special treatment. Because of this I am looking for a new supply yard. Further more there are a lot of suppliers around that would love to have our bisness just not as close. The kicker is I have talked to quite a few other contractors with the same problem and am also helping them find another supplier. You tret customers that bad you lose there money

  5. CentralTIS

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    Really appreciate your thoughts...we are in business to serve the contractor...without you guys we're OB
    thanks again
  6. Marek

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    Who do you deal with Ryan ?
  7. ryan alyssa

    ryan alyssa LawnSite Member
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    I would rather not say on line but if you know anyone in my area or close that has a good product and good prices I would love to know. If you are from my area you probably know who I am talking about. Every single person I talk to said the same thing and I think the supplier is probably going to loose a whole lot of business this year from a lot of contractors

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