Choosing the Best Commercial Walk Behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by AvaScapes, Dec 8, 2012.

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    If you're on a sulky being pulled by a walk behind the pistol grips can be a bit low and some are hard to squeeze. Your hands are also in a vulnerable position for banging into stuff like fences and building corners etc. The Exmark ECS controls are up higher and keep your hands in and protected so they don't get beat up. I've got 11 seasons on my Turf Tracer HP, which is equivalent to the S series now. Reverse is a pretty stiff squeeze and difficult to do for any length of time and going forward can get tiring on challenging terrain. The do have control systems that there's no squeezing (Hustler) and Toro has one out that's similar to a zero turn control.
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    Good Stuff! Thanx!
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    What type of terrain would you consider the majority of your work? This can also dictate what the best choice will be. Scag is coming out with a newly designed WB that uses the same or similar type of controls as the V ride uses. Scags cut great in wet grass. Yes they will leave clumps too but not near as bad and any mower will leave clumps once the paint is worn off the deck.
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    I would still check Ferris out they are by far the easiest to change the deck height, and I wasn't sure about pistol grips at first until I got the Ferris and they're no problem at all.
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    I have seen your trailer and looked you guys up....very professional looking set-up all-around (logo, trailer, website). We'd be happy to work with you! I own a growing dealership in Lakewood right off of 512/I-5 on the Steele Street Exit.

    We focus mainly on pro landscape equipment and have had success adding the brands I've wanted to the store. We added Wright Stander this Summer and last month we took over Exmark for the area. We will have a good selection of demo/zero-downtime Exmark/Wright units for 2013 for whenever you'd like to try some out. Right now in Exmark I have a 36" Turf Tracer Demo and 36" Vantage Demo and next month I'll have a 36" Wright Velke Hydro Walk Behind Demo along with a 36" Fixed Deck Stander Demo. Give me a call! Nick 531.1664
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    Thanks for the nice comments Nick, we appreciate it! What is the name of your dealership? I'll stop in and chat with you when I have a moment.
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    I'll PM you.
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    That's us. And honestly, given that we bag everything 24/7, I've never had a Landscaper complain about clumping issues ever about any brand. Who cares if it clumps if it's just being thrown into an Accelerator/Gobbler?? :)

    We don't even get complaints about older Wright decks that get thrashed on here from folks in some areas for quality of cut issues. Wright and Exmark and number one around and two around here and I'm happy to have them both!

    To us it's all about making sure you have the "Super" High Lift blades. We used to be a Scag dealer a while back and Scag does make an extremely good bagging blade for 36" mowers. However, we just sell now sell the aftermarket version that will fit. We don't ever even let new Wrights/Exmarks leave with the OEM blades.
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    Well, yeah, if you're bagging then that's different. As far as blades, I put a set of Gator G6s on my Turf Tracer this fall and it's the best blade I've ever used...about of perfect balance of cut quality, mulching and clipping clumping like I always got with the old Gators...for those of us who don't bag unless it's absolutely necessary.

    I'm a new convert to Husqvarna power equipment. I've had a chain saw since 1998 but I recently started replacing my Shindaiwa stuff with Husqvarna and am very happy with it thus far (323 trimmer and 580 blower).
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    Pretty much what everyone has said.

    Toro and Exmark make great hydro walk behinds and have a lot of dealers around. I honesty like the Toro a little bit more for the controls and over strength of the machine. I would also recommended the Gravely Pro Walk, which is the same as the newer John Deere mowers just different paint. I got the 48 inch after demoing it and the Exmark and Hustler. It is very easy to get use to and cuts great. I plan on getting the 36 inch model and maybe the 52 Pro walk or Pro Stance in the future too.

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