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Choosing the best insurance company?

Howie's Lawn Care

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Greenville, Ohio
Hey guys,
Things have been going pretty good money wise lately. I'm going to turn my hobby into an actual business. I printed out the forms for vedor's liscense, business name, and ein. I have a few questions still.

1. Do I need an EIN if I am going solo?

2. Who would you recommend for insurance and what should I expect to pay? Does my age have any affect on this type of insurance?

3. How do I determine what I can deduct for various equipment? If I get a ZTR, computer, trimmer, or envelopes, how do I determine the amount of time in which an item is depreciated?

Thanks for any answers to these questions and any other advice would be appreciated.

-Nick Howard


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northwest ohio
glad to see that paper work helped you out...:)

did you choose sole propriotorship, if you do, you will be using your soc sec number, and you wont need the other tax id (ein) (is that right) im pretty sure unless you have legal employees

insurance will be next to impossable to get till your an adult... get someone to help you as suggested to you many times.... you can try but if you do find someone to cover you it will be more expensive then if its in an adults name..

the accountant you need to hire will take care of the deductions and taxes and all, you have to have one of those too... more money