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    Those of you that own landscaping businesses buy insurance to protect it. Here are some
    things to look for when choosing your insurance agent:
    1) Are they experts in landscaping insurance? Business insurance has become complex and your car insurer or agent might not be your best choice.
    2) Is your provider an independent insurance agency? We have direct appointments with insurance carriers and have binding authority. Your local store front broker cannot get access to many of the carriers we represent so you have fewer choices. Neither can the big "directs". Buying an expensive piece of equipment late on a Saturday and need insurance? It's nice to know that we can provide it instantly.
    3) Make sure your insurance agent has 24/7 access. Most of my clients have my cell number and all of them have my email which I respond to within minutes. Insurance claims don't wait until Monday morning, neither should you.
    4) Is your insurance agency providing you with service or do they farm it out to a service center elsewhere? Having a good relationship with an in house agency professional that knows you by name is a big plus. Get those insurance certificates in a few minutes.
    5) Can your insurance agent provide you with all of the insurance you need? Why go to several sources for your insurance when we can provide everything including group health insurance and personal insurance products. You always save money when you buy in too.

    These are really the top 5 but I could go on. It's critical today to have the right people around you......trusted advisers that don't put their interests ahead of yours.


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