chosing new lawn mower?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by BotetourtBoy3, May 13, 2007.

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    im am searching for a new mower currently i have a Craftsman 6.5 hp 21" self proppelled mower the self-proppelled goes kinda slow for me tho, but so far it has worked great.

    Right now i am looking for a cheap (not commercial) reliable mower i am tryin to not go over 1,200( i know this will be hard). My whole front yard is a slope to steep for a regular rider, it is somewhat uneven and it has a few tree roots popin out the ground.

    currently i am looking at a Craftsman walk-behind , tell me what you think of this mower or if you have anyother suggestions please feel free to share.
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    How big is your lot and how steep is the hill? I presume it's more than 20 degrees if you can't use a rider. If that's the case, anything you get with one of the cheaper Briggs engines may smoke badly on the hill. LCOs have reported that experience in this forum, so if you want to avoid it from happening to you, I think you should look for something with a Honda or Kawasaki engine. I doubt if you'll find something good for $1,200. Finding anything at even double that price will be hard to do. It appears to me that most LCOs have a low opinion of Craftsman lawn equipment, but maybe someone will give you a thumbs-up on the unit you showed in the url. I wouldn't, and I'm a homeowner like you.

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