Chris Diamond Gardening and Horticulture Thread

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Apr 13, 2012.

  2. j-ville native

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    it's nearly touching the ground
  3. j-ville native

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    I'm not hating... everything looks brilliant. I just like keeping palms trimmed up
  4. The owner wanted this look and I agree with it....I typically only remove dead fronds unless the live fronds are touching a structure, or the customer complains about too many.....(which none have).....

    On a CIDP, being that they are misplaced in Florida and have many nutrient deficiencies, leaving as many fronds on is best overall(plus I think the palm looks best full).
  5. Another long week. Been doing a lot of seasonal cutbacks this month. Have one property with a lot of ixora that I've been reducing in size and thinning out as well as cleaning up. Still have 2.5 more areas to do. I have worked on this property for 2 years now and this is the first time I'm doing it. Installed a couple new stephanotis vines at another property. I bought some fat 7 gal so they should fill the trellis up quick. Have 7 palms to clean up tomm, an empire zoysia yard to cut, and more ixora cutbacks.
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  6. Well, didn't get everything done today. Rain on and off so couldn't do the palms or zoysia. Was able to cutback almost the rest of ixoras though. Still have one more section that should take another 2-2.5 hours including cleanup.
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    Wah! What's the matter? Your not made of sugar.
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    Show off! Post some pics of them Walkers!

    Seriously, looks fantastic!
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    Great Job. Jealous

    Goes to show there is a huge difference in Texas Xeriscpe and Florida's
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    All the work looks great, to the point where I am considering going with zoysia in my own lawn. How much work is it on a week to week basis to keep Meyer Zoysia during the growing season. Its 9k square ft area.

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