Chris Diamond Gardening and Horticulture Thread

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Duekster, most of the stuff in residential landscapes here is tropical. I think native and xeriscape stuff should be used more, but everyone wants tropical. Knox, not familiar with Meyer, but if it's a larger blade variety like empire, you can more than likely get away with 1x/wk cutting in summer. If its a dwarf variety that needs to be kept under an inch, you either need to cut 2x/wk, or use a PGR.
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  2. Haha, nope, just sand.
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  3. Just for reference Knox, I cut the diamond zoysia at .75" 1x/wk, but it gets Primo(PGR), and the empire zoysia gets cut at 1.5-1.75" 1x/wk. I use a reel on both. If you are going to cut your property with a reel at 9-K, def get a 27" reel or larger.
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  4. cgaengineer

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    Meyer is a great looking grass, a slower growing zoysia if not over fertilized. If over fertilized it will thatch badly. 1x per week should be fine.
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    Could I get away with a rotary at 1.5"?
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  6. Again, not totally familiar with Meyer, but if it's not a dwarf variety, you could...but the reel should be used IMO...if you do use a rotary, I wouldn't go any less than 1.5".
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    Very cool to see someone that lives in a different climate zone posting pics of horticulture. Don't see that very often on here it seems like.
  8. Thanks. Yea, seems like everyone cares about look at my new mower, or got a new truck...
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  9. Got caught up today. Just behind on one yard. Got the 7 palms done with my Silky 21 ft. Pole saw. This is a phenomenal tool. I usually climb the trees, but I didn't feel like it today and a couple were too high to climb. Made $275 off those 7, then the neighbor wanted 3 easy coconuts done. Made another $70 for 30 minutes work including cleanup. I have a lot of cutbacks to do at a big account. Gonna be 2 days worth there.
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  10. Did some more painting at my new condo today with my sis. got the office done. Have about 10% more to paint then the whole place will be done. Going out to do only 1 property tomm which should only be about 2 hours or so...dinner at moms tomorrow night with family. I hope everyone has a great labor day.
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