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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. My baby is growing up so fast......
    This is my 36" 2008 Stander. Has the most hours of all my mowers...trouble free since new! Will have this one for a long time.

    Got a good amount of extras here and there to finish up this week and for September. My goal is by Oct 1, everything at every property is taken care of. Have a great feeling about picking up a lot of new clients this winter. Just want to tighten everything up and make sure that all existing clients are well taken care of.
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    Shoot, that stander is just broken in.
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  3. Haha...some on here would say its halfway done lol
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  4. WOW, been extremely busy. Was working on day 2 of a clean-up that we do once per year for a customer. Consists of Cabbage Palms, Palmettos, a bougie framed around front door, citrus trees, oaks, etc. We have to go back for day 3 as the customer keeps adding on work, which is great.

    Here are some pots that I re-did on Friday for an EXCELLENT client. I'm not going to say how much I get per month for this account, but all I have to do is water pots and maintain pots. It is unbelievable money. Plus, the contractor who originally did the 30-40 some odd pots didn't even put soil in them, just dropped the plastic container in the pots....
    Got a job to install 300 jasmine minima in an area that has large oaks and thinned out sod/sandy areas. Got the job from someone who saw another install I did in that neighborhood and thought it was a great idea to put the minima where the oaks are.
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    nice plantings! how does that sand work to level out sod?

    my friend lives in NC had his lawn done they also put sand on top to level it.

    im from up north and have never heard of this up here... how does the sand migrate down into the sod to level it?

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    how many other mowers do you run? my stander is a little over a year old and i put 700 hours on it already lol
  7. Just got this done for just under $300.

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    I love that reel mower and the look of your grass after you cut it.
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    Woow it is great to see someone down here in florida post some stuff.What area do you live? Do you have a horticulture degree?
  10. Just picked up this Turfco WB Topdresser this AM
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