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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, Dec 15, 2013.

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    I'm sure it is a really nice jacket but had you given your employee a gift card to a store like Cabela's that sells those jackets, he might have purchased a different style jacket that he really wants or maybe he would have gotten the same exact one but without the logo or maybe he would have bought jackets for his kids or gotten something else from the store that his family really needs or maybe he would have put that $300 gift card towards that 1911 he's been eyeing for the longest time. I ask myself this question: How can I maximize the benefit to my employee?
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    I would just take a little tree as a bonus.
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    I have offered money. I have offered gift cards. I have bought them a set of tools from sears. I have given out boots. I have offered free plants/tree/bushes from our nursery. Every year we do something different. But I have seen gift cards and money be the best. Some guys stay to just after winter for those boots, coat, etc and then leave. I also think christmas for us is geared all year long. Someone needs a trailer to use over the weekend, a truck to move/haul branches/take a sprayer/mower home to do there yard, 10000 sq ft shop at there disposal all year long....fringe benefits I guess but to me christmas is all year long at our company for those that stay.
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    It depends for my crews year to year. I try to make it flat amount of a few hundred. If the year was really good a whole weeks worth if I can swing it. Depends on how big our A/R is, which is a whole different story!
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    One weeks pay in cash.
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    I took my crew out for a nice dinner last night. Handed out bonuses during desert.

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