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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by wegomow, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. wegomow

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    I am considering offering a a holiday gift certificate to my clients for something like a spring cleanup, a one time cut, "youse guys" up north can offer a sidewalk or driveway snow removal. They can purchase them and give them as a Christmas gift to a neighbor, friend or family member. Something like "give a gift, save a back" or "give the gift they'll really use!" Send it out via mail or email with a buy one and get a free Azalea planted in your yard or the recipients yard, (my wife and I have a very small little nursery where we grow plants, you could offer whatever extra you want if you don't want to purchase or plant anything). Of course with a limited time offer,to get them to act now. Like you must call by Friday to get this special gift certificate. Your thoughts?
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    To each their own I guess, it is not something I would do. I do not like working on someone's yard without walking the property and meeting with the homeowner first. That cleanup or mow could cost you alot of money. What if the grass was not cut for weeks and they want their mow at that time. What if the spring cleanup takes 4 hrs? Way to many variables, could lead to more work or it could be a disaster.

    At Christmas, all of my clients get a Christmas card. Customers that reach a certain revenue level also get a gift card. Nothing wrong with offering incentives for referals, but this idea seems like a disaster from the get go.
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  3. wegomow

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    Thanks for your input. I see your point, I guess a quote on the job first would be sensible before setting the amount for the gift certificate sale. I still think the idea has merit and I agree it may not suit every business.
  4. Durabird02

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    It is not a bad idea to sell gift certificates but they should be for a certain value and not a service.
  5. 205mx

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    I am interested in what your "revenue level" is for those clients? 4k/ year? I have a client worth about 6,500/year. Would that qualify for you?
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