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Christmas Gifts for Clients

Cross Creek Lawn Care

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Middle Tennessee
As most of you already know I’m a teenager who operates a neighborhood wide lawn business. I have about 10 regular clients, enough to keep me busy and make a decent amount of money. I am wondering about giving gifts to them, as I have so few clients and I am a talker I have a somewhat personal relationship with them all. My dad runs a fine dining restaurant just a few miles north and I’m wondering if $50 gift cards there, that I could get for $25 would be good gifts? Remember it’s only 10 clients and since I’m only Nieghborhood wide it’s important keeping them as regular clients.

Have any of you tried anything like that before?


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Willowick, OH
In the past I’ve actually baked cookies, and things as I didn’t want to spend the money on gift cards. This year I might do gift cards. Really you can’t go wrong promoting your dads business.


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I'm in the same boat as you CC. My wife loves to craft so she made some wash clothes last year and we packaged them up nicely and all. This year we'll be doing mason jars with an embroidered pine cone deal on the lid with wrapped candy inside. Some customers that I know drink will get a little something something extra hidden in with their candy :)

I got this idea from a guy we rented from. He owns a flower shop and every Christmas he'd give his renters a nice Christmas decoration of some kind. I'll never forget that feeling I got and I'm glad I can do the same for my customers.
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