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Christmas Greetings

DFW Area Landscaper

LawnSite Silver Member
I was just wondering if anyone ever brings their clients a christmas gift? Like a nice $30 gift or so?

One of my clients' husbands died earlier this summer. I had never met her husband, so I did nothing. She's still a customer.

Again, one of my clients' husbands died this fall. I knew the husband from our business relationship. I brought them a nice $10 ice cream pie and offered them my condolences. Now, she's having me do some extra work. Not sure if the pie had anything to do with it or not.

Anyway, I was just wondering what would happen if you gave each of your customers a nice $30 gift? Would it reduce the cancellations in the spring? Would it reduce customer churn? Would it be a waste of $30 per customer?

Anyone have experience with this?

DFW Area Landscaper
Well i usually do a little job they need done for free around the holidays time and tell them happy holidays. I sent out cards this year also. My best client got a $180 mulch job done for free. I take care of my best clients well and i treat all others well too.