Christmas inflatables smothered grass

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by n8huntsman, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. n8huntsman

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    With all the rain California has seen the deflated blow-ups had a lot of standing water on top of them, weighing them down. Coupled with lack of sun, it has smothering portions of grass. What is the best remedy for this?
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    Isn't there a company in the San fernando Valley that makes inflatable plastic grass?

    Ok Huntsman, just kidding, LOL! I suspect that once you expose it to sunlight the grass will regenerate new clolorphyll. It should---gradually recover. Depends on how long the grass was smothered and the temperature during the time. Did carbon dioxide or methane build up to toxic levels under the plastic? Was it exposed to sun and heat before the rain started? Clear plastic? Red? Santa, plastic snowman or evil clown?

    What kind of grass? Bermuda? St Auggie? Fescue? KBG? Overseeded with rye?
  3. n8huntsman

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    The temps were between 30 and 65. Covered for about a Month. Its that breathable fabric. Red and white. But the water on it, it didn't allow it to breath much. Tall fescue mostly. I'm sure it will recover just curious if I should fertilize and with what. Were still having rain and clouds sl not a lot of sun to get it going.
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    Do nothing will probably work. But if the customer is concerned and wants you to do something--that means he wants to spend money. So I would sow some top quality seed (maybe rough it up with the Grass Sticher--a loyal sponsor)and follow up with starter fert. If the customer is in a rush and doesn't mid spending a few bucks--offer to resod the spot. Give him options. Also offer to aerate and overseed the whole peoperty with better grass varieties--maybe some of the new disease resistand LS types (lateral spread). Rain and clouds and 65 degrees is near perfect to grow grass.
  5. jsf343

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    I will tell you what we usually do, we first gently rake the yard or at least the grass that is matted down, then take a blower and blow it (helps anything left that is laying down to stand). It will look a lot better and within a few weeks or so will very slowly regain a little bit of color. Remember most grass is dormant right now, give it some regular sun and 60-70 degree weather and it will come out of it fine.
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    People around here leave them out on their lawns from end of Nov. to after the first of year with no ill effects to the yard. I doubt the yard will suffer much since its dormant already anyway.
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    Some people still have theirs up. Santa goes with Valentines and Easter eggs right?:usflag:

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