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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by lawn_jockey, Sep 15, 2010.

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    tell you what tanner, I will give you the benefit of doubt. I signed up and hope to catch the webinar. This may sound adversarial, but I looked at your proposed bid sheet, and the bottom legal disclaimer reminds me of what Christmas Decor puts on thier bids. One of the ways I get jobs when both of us bid on a project is while we allow for weather for our disclaimer, and we don't cover theft or vandalism, mischief, we state clearly that we stand behind our work, and it is guaranteed to work for 3 full seasons, no questions asked. I pay dearly for professional and property damage insurance, and I refuse to ask folks who hire us to absolve us of any damage we may cause the property.

    While I certainly can understand it from a protectionist financial point of view, ethically I know that in the last 25 years of doing lights for folks, being on literally thousands of roofs, I have spent less than 250 bucks total repairing the odd shingle, guttering or flashing that we have damaged. while I am aware that Christmas decor has spent hundreds of thousands in legal fees and damage settlements from the lawsuits they have dealt with on roof damage, either I have been lucky, or careful, but I do have over a million in insurance should that come up.
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    We actually cover everything as well with our insurance. We also guarantee every bulb we install every year. We rent all of our materials and refresh supplies as needed.
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    tanner, while you may hold a policy and have professional and property damage insurance, your bid form does not mention or imply that. quite the opposite. it states clearly you are not responsible for any damage to thier property arising from you being there. I take issue with that. I don't think it is asking too much of contractors to be responsible for any damage they may cause. I think it is asking way too much of our clients to have them waive thier rights and we are essentially not responsible for anything. You ask people to sign away and not hold the contractor responsible, even if the contractor is negligent !

    This is not only unprofessional, it is in my opinion, unethical.

    your disclaimer on your form also does not mention any warranty on your work or product whatsoever.

    I hope you get lots of folks to watch your free we training. I even got a PM from sean, the Lawnsite mod to watch it. I think I'll pass.
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    please don't take offense to this, but is it realy that hard to install christmas lights?
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    I understand your view on the matter. But it never hurts to cover ones bases. I think we can all think back to a client that was looking to make a claim from the moment he signed on the dotted line. I have never had such an occasion with Christmas Lights but have had the occasion with landscaping.

    In my opinion 95% of all electrical issues should be averted by a properly calculated circuit, and the failsafe of an operational Beaker or GFI. Usually the weakest link in a circuit is what fails. A negligent contractor doesn't stay in business by providing shoddy work.

    Go to and remove all doubt as to how we treat our customers. Not many Contractors can provide the high level of service our customers commonly receive. Don't let the documentation fool you. Documents are for the lawyers and service is second to none.
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    Tanner I just watched the recording of Christmas Light University. I am not sure that you are marketing a professional service. My biggest example of this is your referral to the "butt plug." Now I am new to this business, and thanks to Dave, Brian, Stacy of course Mike and several others here, I have been fortunate enough to learn what I do know about this business is a professional and ethical manner. I do not carry "butt plugs." I do carry three ways. Tell me which one you would want guys talking about around your wife and children. I read the same articles of question that Dave mentions here, and truthfully had the same thoughts. i understand your statement of documents and lawyers, however, it is your name on it as well as your franchisee or whatever your affiliates maybe referred as, your reputation and the reputation of your affiliates. Your disclaimer makes is extraordinarily clear that each and every affiliate is on their own.

    I am going to finish out the series as there are always things you can learn from someone and I may pick up dome good tips. As of right now and you must have assumed things were going to be pointed out, I would assume you have some reorganizing to do with terminology and reviewing the presentation you are making to your customers as Dave pointed out. Responsibility and integrity re key in any business, not just receiving the clients money.
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    Our $12 Residential leads are popping up again pretty good this year. Jump on the program if you haven't already.
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    ...and this thread was over 2 years old. Alive! it's Alive!
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    So I keep hearing from guys that are skeptical about hanging Christmas lights. A common question I get is "Is it even profitable to get in this business?" When they say that I almost laugh inside because my next phone call is one of our installers that tells me he did over $200,000 in sales in 40 days and he is about to close down the shop so he can go on vacation.

    So Christmas Light Installation is not for everyone. It takes a guy that has a set of brass ornaments. You have to get up early, face the cold, organize your crew, set up your marketing, schedule jobs, bill them, cut paychecks, pay for gas, supplies....

    For some contractors Christmas Light Installation is the gravy they can't wait for. For some contractors, Christmas Light Installation money is how they live in the house they live in. For some, Christmas Light Money is just what they need to keep their employees from going and finding other work. For some contractors, Hanging lights is how they are able to afford new equipment every year.

    And yes, some contractors suck at it. haha. Not funny but true.

    But seriously, it is a good thing that there are a lot of guys out there that suck at hanging Christmas Lights. This is good because it ensures that your customers stick around for a long time and you can continue to charge a premium for your services. Being great is unique. Being great at something, allows you to tell your customers what a job is worth.

    If you are one of those guys that is gearing up for the Christmas Light Installation season, we are from the same clan. We like to think of ourselves as one of your employees. We work our butts off for you.

    If you want to know how, give me a call.

    214-317-8301 ext 102
    Tanner Maxson

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