Christmas lighting in snowy climates?

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by CNYScapes, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. CNYScapes

    CNYScapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    Do any of you guys install christmas lights in cold snowy climates? We could get the lights up in decent weather, but after the holidays (JAN.1 or later) our weather is pretty bad up here. We average 120 inches of snow. The edges of the roof where the lights would be clipped will most likely be covered in ice and snow by January. Just checking to see if any of you deal with the same problems?
  2. Marcos

    Marcos LawnSite Gold Member
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    Hell, why not just leave 'em up all year, like alot of hillrats and trailer park trash seem to want to do?!?
  3. christmas79

    christmas79 LawnSite Member
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    I don't take the lights down in the snow! That' s what I put in the contract.
  4. David Gretzmier

    David Gretzmier LawnSite Gold Member
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    I know of a guy that does around 200 Christmas customers in New York, and does ok. I am sure it comes with an added set of problems, as cords are very difficult to deal with below 32 degrees, and many of our installers prefer to work from the roof rather than ladders. also, many plastic clips break and are brittle below 30 degrees. sliding ice and snow runoff of roofs would also tear many all in one clips down.

    Christmas lights sure do look pretty when everything is icy and snowy, though...:)
  5. turf hokie

    turf hokie LawnSite Silver Member
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    We do deal with it, but not like you do. If we have a bad year with snow, we will take everything but the roof down and come back when we can get on the roof.

    If you are speaking of the company I think you are, he is much closer into the city, where they get more rain than snow. CNY could get 12 inches, I would get 3 and the city would get a dusting at most.
  6. CNYScapes

    CNYScapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    It has been in the 20's and 30's consistently here since November 18th. We have already plowed 7 times. This would be crappy weather to put up lights, but I hate plowing so much (14 yrs of it), I think I am willing to deal with it. I am looking to cut back on plowing and do other things. I have not seen anybody else around here doing lighting , but that doesnt mean there arent guys out there. Our county has 318,000 people. Not a lot of big money here though. Think there is a market for it up here?
  7. M&N Maintenance

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    We install lights in this weather with snow and ice. We try to install roof lines in October but with new sales we have to work around the weather. We are installing the last of them today.
  8. turf hokie

    turf hokie LawnSite Silver Member
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    I know guys installing in Alaska, Canada, and other far north climates, I imagine you would do ok with the weather. I think there is some amount of market no matter where you are, you may have to travel further than some to get it though.
  9. hotrod1965

    hotrod1965 LawnSite Senior Member
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    burrrr. we got a last minute install for this Saturday. Snowed about 4 inches yesterday andwe are going to get some more before Sat.
  10. CNYScapes

    CNYScapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    So, do you have any tips on installing in the snow and ice? I think it would get pretty hairy on ladders?

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