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Christmas Lighting

(wi) Roots

LawnSite Member
OK, My apologize, I understand you want to get into the Lighing business and I don't knock you for it, if fact I encourage it. It is and will be a good way to grow your business and give you some cash flow for the fall season. However, It would be in your best interest if you've never done it before to talk to an electrician or someone who's familuar with installing them. It's good and all to get advise here and by all mean do. But, be sure you have enough support to help you during your difficult time when the breaker box keeps tripping and you find yourself wondering why? This is all but, a simple sinarieo but, unless you know how to trouble shoot you'll find your self chasing your own tail. And if the customer decideds after you completed your job to install there own light to the line that presently supplies power to your line then what? Insurance, I mean enough to cover your own A** if because of you or them putting too much on the line to get it hot has the potential to cause you more trouble than the lights you've put up!


LawnSite Member
Troy, MI
This is our first year. I will let you know, we are still new at this and experimenting with a few customers. I appreciate the offer.


LawnSite Senior Member
SE Michigan
I wouldn't use Home depot lights. You can only hook 3 sets together because they use cheaper wire. Plus the bulbs wont last as long. When you quote a job the main cost is the labor, not the light cost. Because I buy lights in bulk, I spend less per foot on lights than the cheap Home depot lights. Plus I can cut to a specific length, which looks professional.
I would be more than happy to pay you 10% if you refer your business to us :) And I pay it year after year if they become repeat customers... You can call 734-619-1201 for more info.

David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
I agree on the store bought lights. go with bulk, stay away from action lighting on spools and bulbs ( stake lights and plugs are ok ). c-9's are larger and are 7 watts, sometimes 10watts, c-7's are smaller, 5 watts sometimes 7 watts.