Christmas lighting?

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by godjwood, Nov 6, 2009.

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    Hey Guys-

    Not sure what section to put this in, but anyone do "holiday services" as in putting up and down christmas lights, christmas tree removal..

    If so, how would you charge for such a thing? hourly? I mean christmas tree removal would be easy to price, but what about lighting? I don't know where to find the details or get into this business...
  2. Tq23

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    Check out the following section, there is tons of very good info with several people who are very knowledgeable and post alot.

    Christmas Trees & Seasonal Sales
  3. terrypiper

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    i talked to this guy at the gie expo last week in kentucky its a franchise but you might take a look. its called christmas decor website is
  4. Carolina Cuts

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    I got an advertisement for that site this week.... first time since I've lived in the area. He's advertising that's he's the "Leading decorator of the area for years" hahaha

    not sure why people would PAY to be part of a franchise, especially one as simple as christmas light decorating....
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    [​IMG]Bump, bump up
  6. hotrod1965

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    I started my company from scratch instead of going with a franchise, mainly because we wanted to be a true "green" company.

    Over the summer I did some math on what we really had in start up costs. I'm talking business costs, training, marketing, branding...etc. Not even counting capital costs. I will say, that you are out ahead buying all this stuff with a franchise than doing it all yourself.
  7. David Gretzmier

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    Something as simple as Christmas Lights...

    I've got 100 bucks that says that guy has never...

    done it for a customer or charged for it, or has no clue the difference between a good light job or bad. or where to buy product, or how long lights, wreaths, garland should last for customer. or what ladders to buy, what tools you should carry on the truck. what clips work best where, what marketing areas work and how much to spend. what guarantees to extend to the customer as far as product and labor. How to repair light sets, sockets, fuses or plugs. what options there are out there for customers as far as LED, light links, starbursts, luminaries, and greenery. How many mini-lights you can plug in together, how many amps on a cord, a electric socket, or breaker, and how many c-9's on a run. voltage drop. how to label, store and rehang your project. rental versus buy. I could go on for hours.

    It is simple to go over to walmart and buy a few boxes of c-9's and put them on a house with a cord. It is not so simple to know the difference between that and a commercial quality spt2 c-9 cord, a 3000 hour 130v bulb, slider plugs, The "good" all in one clips, and the best way to timer your project. They both may look the same in year one, but the customer that gets someone who really knows what he is doing get's a truly valuable service and product that lasts for a decade or 2 or more. The customer who gets the guy that is just buying stuff and figuring it out gets, well, junk, usually.

    A franchise gets you all the product, training and marketing expertise that newbies have no clue about. It is a very cheap and quick education on how to run a business and not screw up learning how.
  8. onebreezer

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    I met you at the HBL convention. I rarely ever get on here. You seem to be the resident expert. I live in the south east, population 200,000 - 300,000. Completed two thirds of a HBL 15,000 pc mailer, a little radio, one hundred personalized letters. What kind of response should I expect?

  9. David Gretzmier

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    I think I answered you better in another thread and post, but we have had zero response from radio this year and very little in the past from the 4x6 cards. The 6x11 cards can be mailed for the same price at saturation rates, so that is all I use. I have heard you can also mail brochures that are taped and folded that are that same size/same price. i will try that next year. has 6x11's printed color both sides for about 8 cents each around 5000 and up. postage and addressing cost me 27 cents each. so mailing 1000 at a whack costs you 350 bucks. I think next year I will get 10,000-20,000 out, 4 designs of 5000 starting around Oct 15 abnd just have them mail a rural route a day or 5-800 per day or so until Dec 1 . That way you don't just get deluged with sales calls and then it is dead for a week.
  10. onebreezer

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    Let run this by you. I am pricing jobs out at product cost x 3.4 = bid amount.

    That covers product, huge shipping charge, install, removal, and storage. Is this too much? too little? by how much?

    I am getting my job prices with 3.4 mark up at $3100 to $5800 and able to knock off $300 or so to try to make the deal.


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