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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JTS lawn care, Dec 9, 2004.

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    there is a landscaping/ lawn care company that puts up christmas light was wondering if anyone has done this before. if so how would you go about charging them. they are the only company that does it to. wonted to try something else in the winter when im not plowing.
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    I just got back from Jersey two weeks ago. Been decorating residentials for almost 10 years now with my cousin. Last year he gave it up to me... was undecided about about continuing since I moved to NC. But figured the money was worth the 8.5 hour drive. He always did the pricing back in the day... got beat on some, made too much on others. All in all, I'd have to say I averaged anywhere from $50.00/hr to $80.00/hr this season. We only use sets of 35 bulbs (less hassle when they go bad) 18x2 extension cord in bulk from Home Depot and Ad-a-taps. (click-on outlets) which I really wish I had invented. They save sooooooo much time. We only do shrubs and trees under 25ft'. Charge when we put up and charge half the price of labor when we take down. It's been working fine over the years. Only lost one customer, and really don't have time to be doing more since it was a part time gig after hours.
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    Hi JTS lawn care,

    A little while back an LCO contacted us about doing holiday lighting and we came up with this for them. Maybe you can use the flyer as well to help promote your services.

    Click image for download link.

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