Christmas Lights for HOA's

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by tonyGub, Dec 16, 2008.

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    I have done a couple of huge projects for this particular HOA. In November they ask me to put in their Christmas lights and that the EC they used last year did a poor job. They told me they would go through all of the lights and make sure they were in working order. Well the day we started to hang the lights we knew we had issues. They had not checked anything. What a big mess. They had boxes of strands and the majority of them had problems. They then told me to buy what was needed and to hang more than they originally had. Any how I decorated a club house and trees around it and two entryways with about 75 trees. My labor on the job was 34 hours. I gave them a big discount and only charged them $65.00 an hour for all of this. The HOA had a new board put in place by the time the invoice was received and they have a problem with what I charged them. I did exactly what was asked to be done. Met with the board members before hand and they told me where to put the lights. Unbelievable...I think I will apologize for my office manager putting the incorrect labor rate on their and send them a bill for our usual $85.00 per hour. And that is still a bargain. Or they can get their own ladders, lay up sticks, and laborers and take all of it down on their own.:angry:
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    If tey don't pay whats billed, I sure as heck wouldn't take them down.
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    A good step at avoiding this is to get yourself some 2 or 3 part proposal/acceptance forms, write out what is proposed and make sure folks sign the acceptance line and they get a copy and you get a copy. even if it is per hour, write down an estimate of the hours and the rate and have them sign. even if the POA board changes, that signature is still legal if they were a board mamber at the time.

    an oral agreement is enforcable in court, but it can become a he said she said and you can lose easily. a signed written agreement wins every time.

    for the record, 65 per hour or 85 per hour is an awesome deal on christmas lights. They should be happy.
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    Exactly, dont set yourself up not to get paid. Written agreements make ppl much less likely to try any shady business!
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    and people will try shady business....

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