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    OK, I"m already running out of time for this but I did my first job, for my family. Unfortunately, my phone is not able to take good pictures at night, so I can't show you. I think it looks good. :) But, it took me over 6 hours.

    Maybe I will get faster, but the house had gables so I had to stand on an 8 foot step ladder for 3 gables; this was the slowest part. At one point, I was standing on the last step of the ladder (somewhat scary) to reach the highest point.

    I strung about 200 feet of lights, but 40 feet were on a wall outside the porch, so those were done in less than 30 minutes. So let's say the majority of the work was 160 feet, of lights over 8 feet off the ground. Without pictures, what do you think I should have charged? If you want I will try to take pics, if I have to take them during the day, to help get an estimate.

    It really wasn't that hard, just pretty slow. So my biggest fear is underbidding these jobs. :)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place; I was thinking of the marketing for Christmas lights.
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    Depends on several things.

    But for custom cut commercial led c9 you'd want to be in the $1200 to the $1600 range for the whole package (lights, install, warranty, removal and storage)
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