Christmas Lights, to do or not to do?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by CampCoLighting, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. CampCoLighting

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    We are tossing around the idea of doing christmas lights this year. Is it worth it? And what are good supply sources for the lights? Thanks for any help
  2. Classic Lighting

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    No, more hassle than it's worth. Working in the cold, snow, ice....... just not worth it. I'd recommend that you go to the christmas tree/ seasonal stuff forum located toward the bottom of the main page. More information to read than here in the lighting forum.
  3. GreenI.A.

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    I looked into it and started marketting for it this summer. The way I see it, it will only be worth it if I can get a lot of customers signed on for it. If I end up with only a handfull then I may not make a second attemt next season.
  4. AOLP

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    Memphis Tn, not as much issue with the cold and snow..normally :). you are a little bit late in gearing up for it this year (depending on how many clients it is your intention to get). Christmas lights etc is a good source if you are looking to buy and install. if you need some guidance on technique you might consider one of the franchises. The best time to buy at the best prices is January thru July-August. After that prices go up and inventory goes down. If you are thinking of doing a few jobs to get your feet wet with existing clients, go for it. Have an electrician on staff or as a sub and look into l.e.d. product. less amps, less headaches. there is product out there with great color temperature that will last. Will you lease or sell p[roduct? where do you plan on storing it? There is an article in this months irrigation and green industry magazine that might be helpful for you to read. Joining the AOLP would be helpful, putting you with a group of seasoned professionals that are willing to help.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    If you scroll down to the miscellaneous forums you will find the Christmas trees and seasonal sales forum. most folks who do Christmas lights post over there. we have been doing Christmas lights longer than most folks, and my current lighting company started as a division of a lawn care company, split off into it's own company, and has grown into over 200 Christmas light clients. We own Brite Ideas and HBL franchises for our area, and there is also Christmas Decor.

    While you can buy Christmas product anywhere, you will absolutely be far ahead of the game if you buy from those three. The training available to measure, bid, sell, install, market, warehouse, hiring, inventory and warehouse lights, along will selling product to clients that is not available locally probably increases your chances of success by a factor of 10.

    looking at your population area, I would guess that it would not be too hard to pick up a dozen or two dozen clients the first year if you had the right beginning. I do know there is a HBL and Christmas Decor franchise already there, but HBL is not exclusive.

    For more info from folks who actually do Christmas lights, I'd reccomend posting a query over on the seasonal sales forum.

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