christmas tree scrub???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. fga

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    was setting up my lot today, for selling christmas trees. there is a really run down place across the street, i wouldn't even call it a nursery, more like an outdoor version of "odd job". i literrally see once customer over there a day, maybe. i figured they were going to sell trees, but what i saw a hour ago blew my mind. a big sign that reads "X-mas trees 14.99"... :realmad:

    how in the world do you sell trees for that cheap. they must be making a dime a tree, maybe. an average cheap tree here is in the $25 - $30 range. that's where i figured to be. i have some stunts up my sleeve, like a live santa clause outside on the street, pictures with him, free gift for the kids (little nick nacks)....
    i willl play santa if i'm not on deliveries. i told my family after i saw that sign, that i'm learning to dance this week. santa will be dancing a jig on the sidewalk.. 14.99, why bother? i'm gonna dance my @ss off!

    ".....if you dance, they will come." my version of field of dreams :)
  2. Creative Lawn Care

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    I guess there are lowballers in almost every bus.
  3. GreenMonster

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    I hope you have your own "field of dreams", cuz your baseball team sucks.

    You, dancing, in a santa suit? I don't say this often, but I hope there is another trip to Staten Island in my near future :laugh: !!!
  4. Lux Lawn

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    Sh!t I might even come buy a tree to see that.
  5. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    you're all welcome! i'll even let you take a picture with me. its hard to make an @ss out of yourself when you're in disguise! :cool:

    Mark, its not far at all the staten island hotel, like 5 minutes.

    larry, if you need directions, just follow the car with "i'm really a yankee fan" bumper stickers..
  6. Runner

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    How many trees does he have? You may have to buy his trees out and sell them for just over what he would have. That way, if you have enough going on (Santa Claus, hot cider, donuts, coffe, etc.), it wouldn't be feasible for him to set back up for those prices again, because you have trees too close to that. PLUS, alot more trees to choose from and all the extras. Just an idea.
  7. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    he has no trees on his lot yet, just signs, so i'm not sure of the quantity he'll have. but he has a small nursery size lot. he could fit quite a few. all i can fit on display is about 30, and store alot in the back yard of the store. i think i'm going to set a goal for the amount trees i want to sell, and leave it at that, unless they're flying out of the lot. instead of competing with this guy.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    trees is a hard way to make a buck i worked and ran a lot we did 1200 a season it was no fun and the money when it was all said and done was some of the hardest i ever earned
  9. fga

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    well, the way i look at it is, i have the lot for free. my wife and her family opened up a store, and i'll be there "hanging out" anyway. so my only real overhead is the trees themselves, and the baler, netting, and some minor nick nacks for the kids. we'll see what happens.
    how late did you stay open, and how early did you open up??
  10. MidAtlantic

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    I don't know how he is going to make a living selling them for $14.99 a tree. The cheapest tree I have seen wholesale from the grower was $12-14 for grade 2 trees. My partner and I are heading up to PA next Monday to pick up 250 trees and they are no where near that price. Even the truck load we have coming down in a couple weeks from NH isn't that cheap and we are buying volume. Maybe you could find out if he is getting grade 1 trees and where he is getting them.

    I don't think that guy will make enough to cover his cost unless he plans to sell 1000's of trees..Down here in Northern Va we typically sell about 500-700 trees in location. Our cheapest tree is around $40.00.

    Have you ever considered a moon bounce idea or a put up a sign and offer free fresh hot coffee and hot coco?

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