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    Looking good,

    Most of us are contractors. I own a fertilizer application service and have been a Christmas Decor franchise for 4 years. This is just a great site to share ideas and some of us share more than others. And you can tell that by the fact that David and I are the only ones to respond with over 80 views, although I am sure Hotrod would help, but is probably busy with other things right now.

    You get a whole heck of a lot more than just training for your investment. Believe me.

    Guys like Christmas Creations (Mike Marlow) will openly tell you they are a salesman and are a wealth of information as well.

    There is rarely any shadiness with salesmen on this site, they get called out quickly and booted just as fast.
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    The big three are Christmas Decor, Holiday Bright Lights and Bright Ideas. These are the companies that we are all referring to. Mike was mentioned above, and as was said he is now affiliated with Holiday Bright Lights, however the name he uses here - Christmas Creations was the name of his business prior to selling it and becoming part of the team at Holiday Bright Lights. As hokie mentioned the info available on here is tremendous. I have a high level of knowledge in the landscape construction aspect, and post fairly extensively in that portion of the site, also a lot of experience with different equipment and design software and have chimed in their as well. The site overall is just priceless. To sum it up, it is people helping people, not trying to gain on them or take advantage, just help each other out, share stories, experiences etc. A perfect example, I am now affiliated as a distributor for Holiday Bright Lights and Hokie is a Christmas Decor Franchisee, essentially competitors if you lok at it that way, but out of the obvious kindness of his heart and desire to help a newbie succeed, he has offered for me to call him for advice and information. Again, people helping people.
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    Thank you very much, I am happy to see that lawn site is a good place for mentoring and advice, my father was just watching out for my best interests, and is most skeptical most of the time when I bring a new Idea to him. Hence, my honest question. I on the other hand am open to new ideas, but simply would like more information, and appreciate the info the both of you provided. addictedtolandscaping, you mention you have alot of experience in Landscape construction, and offer advice, I was wondering If I could pm you on walkways and patio advice? Thanks again
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    Absolutely, feel free anytime.

    You can see a great example of some of the stuff I have done on my website, there are pictures of a wall and then elevated patio that incorporated 3 grand stair case, lighting and a water fall.

    There are several pictures I am fumbling through to find the best ones to put up on there, but you get the idea.

    But feel free anytime.

    Website is
  5. Looking Good Lawn Service

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    Thanks, I will look the site, I will pm you if I have any more ?s
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    I would agree that most guys on here are contractors, I own a Christmas and Landscape lighting business, although I do sell some items to contractors I have invented. ( got a new one in the works for irrigation guys...)

    Turf Hokie and hotrod ND OTHERS and I disagree on many things, but all of us agree on providing great product and service, and pricing fairly to make a living at this. And we honestly wish our competition would do the same.

    Also, finding and using great tools in this biz, along with finding ways to incite a passion for great holiday lighting INTO our employees.
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    Wow, I have been missing out on a great thread! I hope everyone is doing GREAT!
    I've been working on getting our company a year round company, so that's why I have been missing...

    Like Dave and Bryan said, this forum is full of ideas of all shapes and sizes, and opinions of all shapes and sizes. I would spend several days reading everything here. I know I still like to go back and read things every now and then! But the key to staying in business is offering the best service and best products. If you do this, you will stay in business longer than anyone else! The low ballers will come and go, but over time people will think of you when they want the best!

    I can't speak for CD or BI, but I have worked with HBL's and they are good to deal with. I am not a member, but I will buy things from them. To me it says a lot when a company actually beta tests it's products to actual installers. (I am testing their new LED strands for them) Mike has also been an installer/business owner as well, so he is a great resource.

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