Chrystler not honoring warranty

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rclawn, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Rclawn stand on those bass tards and get them to fix it
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  2. Grassfire205

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    Its not just dodge. I got bad diesel in myf250 with only 30,000 miles. Water exploded the fuel pump and sent metal all through the system and messed up injectors. Had to have fuel pump replace all lines all injectors and have tank dropped and cleaned. Cost was going to be $11,600. Ford would not cover any of it under warranty has they said their terrible fuel pump only failed because of bad diesel. Luckily i made and insurance claim and the covered all but 1,500 of it. Warranties are a pile of crap and hardly ever cover what you need it to.
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  3. OP

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    I’ll update you tomorrow... I’m really hoping I can get this figured out. Especially considering: just bought a mini skid for 18, put 10 new tires on truck and trailer, also have $11k in tuition to pay by august 15th. Timing couldn’t be better!
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    Yeah.. Murphy's timing!
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  5. rippinryno

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    Honestly, I am surprised people still buy Dodge vehicles. Even with the warranty, they are less than reliable, gas, diesel, doesn't even matter. I've had great luck with other brands, going over 200k without anything major needed. Seems like everything dodge, chrysler, jeep will be going to the shop before it hits even 100k
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  6. Smokindog

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    I too dislike the run around MANY companies give you on warranties but I have to ask if folks are aware that MOST companies have language similar to this about commercial use. This was taken from a late 200X warranty PDF on the net.

    If you use your vehicle primarily for business or commercial purposes, then these implied warranties do not apply and DaimlerChrysler completely disclaims them to the extent allowed by law.
    I also know that many won't allow you to use discount plans if the intended use is business/commercial. I get A-Plan from a big 3 through my sister and she reminds me of the painful death I'll receive by her hand if any of my friends use "friends and family" pricing I can give them for a business vehicle, causing her to lose her benefits!!!!!
  7. EricC

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    our first new vehicle ever was a Chrysler T&C. It had its issues which have turned me off to Chrysler forever pretty much. Electrical gremlins they never did figure out and one day just went away. hooked up it showed an almost 18 amp drain on the battery with everything off and keys out of ignition and nobody could figure out why.

    Door lock actuators would burn up in months, fans would run until battery drained some days, guages would flash all over like battery was dying, but it wasn't dead. yet.

    Dealer kept saying I had bad batteries and wanting to replace them for 300 bucks LOL. this was 13 years ago. And new batteries never solved it but one day at about 60K miles it just stopped and never had another issue.

    But in addition to the door lock acuators, it was burning out a blend door actuator, related or not, who knows, but it would blow heat instead of AC. This was what really pissed me off. Has luck would have it, it's one of the first parts that goes into the van, so the entire steering mechanics, dash, everything had to come out and sure enough they confirmed the blend door actuator was bad.

    now the kicker was, the warranty covered repairs, not diagnostics. SO, since they were going thru re-structuring, parts were not readily available so they couldn't fix it. If they put the van back together I'd be getting the 1K dollar diagnostic bill and when the part came in, they'd take it back apart and fix it under warranty.

    I fought those assholes for a while and eventually on my own, found the part at a dealer 200 miles away and went and got it. My van sat with the dash out for 2 months until I found the part and took it to them. Turned me off to Chrysler forever. The next year we had rear evaporator issues i just took care of myself.

    It did give us 194K otherwise problem free miles, but never again.
  8. rippinryno

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    yeah, they're lemons. I've had brand new dodge rental cars that took a ****. Even the chargers are garbage as far as reliability and repairs are concerned. A corvette or a newer camaro would run circles around a dodge charger POS. When it comes to racing, sure a hellcat is fast, but one thing i won't buy is a dodge, ever.
  9. sjessen

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    And yet, Ram is gaining market share on Ford and Chevy.
  10. EricC

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    They do make a comfy ride in the RAM
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