Chuacro Memphis 6 year update

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    I started with a honda home owner walk behind, curve trimmer and craftsman hand blower hauled in my old mini van. I now have a Hustler mini Z 2006 36 set to side discharge, Gravely compact pro 34 2011 set to mulch and a Walker gths 42 2006 that is the bagger and can be used on all lawns most of the year. This is my work horse. I relpaced the trimmer first about 5 years ago with the Husyvarna 223 and like it so much I bought the 326 last year and the 223 is a backup. I now have a Maryuama handheld and Shlini 902 blower. I am in the process of buying the Lawn Shark system that is on sale on the site. I just need to make things easier and more profitable as I get older.

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