Chuck, are you doing a booth at the Expo?


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southern ohio
I have not been to the Expo before but have a friend in Louisville and will probably go this year. I have been to a lot of trade shows in other industries and have worked in sales and did the booth thing.<br>So my comment is that I would be willing to help or maybe pass out cards at other shows in the winter months such as the CENTS show in Columbus, Ohio which is somewhat near me. Or other shows or whatever.<br>I know that this kind of thing is expensive but you may be able to share a booth or find other ways to promote your business at these functions.<br>It seems like everyone in this biz should want to check out this site atleast out of curiousity. And if you can yank a fee out everyone, even if it's small then great.<br>Sometimes you can give something away and no one wants it or charge a fee and everyone wants it.<br>I would think there are more than a thousand people who would use this site, maybe many more.<br>Maybe you can sell shares?<br>Just a brain fart.<p>osc


I am having some brochures about LawnSite made up by a printing company. I have also started a direct mailing and starting soon I will be sending out first class direct mail to companies letting them know about<p>As far as the Expo I will hand out brochures and business cards and let manufacturers know about the site. Im only gonna be there on the 22nd so I will have to scoot.<p>

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