Chuck ???


Quote from Pierre when I asked him about this...

"To what I can see, the e-mail did not originate from our server, but rather from an external server and had a forged from header saying that it was from the server. More and more viruses use that strategy to put people in confidence (that mail is from within my own organization!) and get them to open the message."


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I got that virus saturday night 03/27/04 and I didn't have any protection. It really did a # on my computer and I had to reformat and reinstall my operating system. I was getting email from everybody I have ever had contact with on Lawsite along with many others. I am sure that everyone in my address book got the same.

I tried to install a anti-virus program after the fact but it was to late. Once I rebooted I couldn't get Windows XP to load. I have never had a virus before, but I used to never get much email. Now I will always have that virus protection running. After I re-installed Windows I am still receiving that virus from emails but my anti-virus software is catching it and deleting the attachments.

Chuck, maybe you should put an alert out so members are aware of this virus. I dought an email alert would work now, but maybe put a sticky on all forums.


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Hey Fellas

Thought I would chime in on this.

We got it at school today. Its a scam and a virus. It targets large servers and gets into the administrators accounts, then emails everyone and anyone on their contact lists. Im surprised we did not all get one. At school, it got into the administrators email and sent every student and faculty member one.

They caught it and we have bullet proof filtering but still, be careful.