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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Jun 18, 2004.

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    a few weeks ago, i thought i was going to lose a huge account. I was getting $200 a week to cut the grass at my church. I went to a meeting today to discuss this further. It turns out they want to use me no matter what. The thing is they are giving some of the maintenace to a parishoner, an older lady who did "gardening". There is a flat, smooth area around the rectory i would use the 21's on, but a really big piece of property. Instead I just have to maintain just the other sections which consist basically of a soccer field, and another piece about double that. they said they are going to give me the same money.

    What would you get per cut on a soccer field X's 3? is $200 fair, high, or low? i know on paper I'm doing less work for the same money......... but in the past, i wouldn't have to do the fields every week. I would fly through the top for $200. now, its the fields or no cut for the week, more time per month!!
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    Too few details here, like actual square footage, trimming etc..

    Being that I'm going to guess that all you have to do is cut 90,000 sq ft of grass or less... for $200? That's a hair under 2 acres. Go for it.
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    Yeah, here it would be a good deal I think. Just for mowing, no trimming, herbicide, etc. My church pays an outside Lawn care Co. $250. MONTH to mow our grounds. It would take a 3-4 man crew about 1.5 hours to do. I turned it down. I just couldn't cut it for that.
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    figure how long it would take you and your employe(s) and figure out how long it'd take you and then price accordingly

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