Church Estimate #3


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Hey, I need your guys help again, lol..

grass only

Southside of building - 1500 sq feet
Northside of building - 8475 sq feet
Eastside of building - 2800 sq feet

Total = 12775 sq feet of grass

- $70 ?

City Side - 1980 only on northside of building


(1) 11 x 29 x 6 - dwarf hinoki
(1) 30 x 5 x 4 - willow oak
(1) 6 x 5 x 4 - willow oak

- $160?

Garden Beds

(5) 6" all around - just maintenance, ie) leaf, debris removal.

- $160


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Grass only..does this mean no edging, trimming? Bagging also?

The hedge sizes you have listed are a bit confusing. Are these length, width and height in feet?

Also you need to set a price per hour for hedge/shrub and landscape bed work and apply it to all accounts that you bid. Then try to estimate how many hours the hedge trimming will take. This will enable you bid the hedges on a yearly basis (3 trimmings). You'll find that the more hedge trimming you do the faster and better you get. Try to find out from some of the local LCO's what they charge per hour for this kind of work. Try to stay as close to their rates as possible and you'll get more work than you can handle. I find that a lot of LCO's don't do hedge and shrub work and that leaves a lot of $ out there for someone to make.


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north east ohio
I think they have given you plenty of help already alpine this is like the 3 thread Ive seen on this subject. Just bid the job already, if you know your overhead and what you need to make an hour to make it in this biz then you should know what to bid.If you dont know your overhead then I suggest you sit down and figure it out then you will know what to bid, it really all just comes down to time to do the job and how much you want to make.


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Hedges- Hourly estimate
Leaf removal- Hourly estimate
Lawn mow, trim, edge, blow and go.
$20 stop fee $1 per thou
Or to bag it $20 stop fee and $2 per thou.