Church lot with massive amounts of edging?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by B&Slawncare, Aug 8, 2002.

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    I've been asked to bid a church lot of a church I used to attend. It's in a down town area with alot of seperated sections. Mowing will take about 2-2.5 hrs, then the edging and trimming. There is at least 15-20,000lf of it. Then of course the sidewalks and the 2 med size parking lots. Blowing off all these areas will be at least 1-1.5 hrs. Also has hedges and misc. I am planning to bid hrly on the hedge work as an as needed basis. Should I try to ask what the other guy was charging to get an idea. I am solo, but it is something I could handle, It's just time consuming. Should I figure 1/2 day or more? :confused:
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    awe do it free. :D just kidding.
    u didnt say what u are mowing with.
    but it would take a loto church grass to take me that much time. edging is as hard o work as i do. id makum pass the plate an exstra time or two ,if it was me.
    not what u wanted,i know. but i put 4-5 hard hrs in thats a day for me. mans goto be able to work the next day. of course im not a youngun.good luck
    ps im coming from a position of, get the job done rite and reasonably fast.
    but get a whole day outa this one.
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    Most churches I've dealt with want you to do for next to nothing. If they do tell you how much they're paying the other guy, expect it to be low. Many expect you to treat it like charity work. Good luck.
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    I would figure on a full day for everything.That is a lot of edging! Not counting the shrubs and misc. I would do the other for no less than $460. Take a long while to do all that edging.
  5. ipm

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    if my calculations are correct 20,000 linear ft.=4 miles of edging. if you are solo you will probably need to spend a lot of time, it can be done, just make sure you are making money.
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    As one who has a church contract, solo, with a helper for just the church, not all churches are cheap. OK........ Very important!!! I'd not take the job unless you get trimming help or do it in two days. The reason is if you do a "few hours" of straight weed whacking and edging (stick edger or whacker); you have a very good chance of getting tendonitis in your arms. It's just too much work without a break. It's not too bad in the summer, but in the season you are doing it every week or possibly every 5 days.
    Now, this is only what happened to me, and you may be different, but I'd be very careful.
    Also, if you are careful and develop a plan of mowing the church you will do much better, too. I use a digital watch and mow for 20 minutes, stop and weed whack for 15. Then, I stop and rest for 3 minutes, and then I repeat the same procedure. It makes a big difference on your arm muscles. Finally, here's where you want to buy a Redmax BT 225. It's a bent shaft trimmer that's less than 9 lbs. Also, a bent shaft trimmer lets you trim completely around grave stones less than 2', without having to walk around them, as you would have to with a straight shaft.
    Hope this helps,

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