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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scottb, Sep 24, 2000.

  1. scottb

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    I know Im new but I have a chance to bid a Church. 4 acres open. And about 5 in grave yard. Have mowed the graveyard before in my teenage years but not with the equipment availble today. Are they worth the hastle? I know that there will be much trimming. Have inside connections so real possible to get. Would any of you mess with anything like this.
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    Lots of work, if you bid make sure you take in consideration all those stones and flags to trim around. Churches are nice because you can get another 10% more business through the church group. Go for it

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    great deal, i haveent done a grave yard but it would seem that if theirs a lot of head stones makers and would what some thing very manuverable....are there bushes? if so i would think you'ed want somthing with a outfront deck if bushes are in abundance. either way wheather its outfront or mid mount deck you want a zrt.a trick that might help after you decied it to wled an extra plate on your deck to prevent extyra ware to the deck.i own a walker
    if i had to do grave site that had a good many obsticals i wouldn't have a problem with it an out front deck zrt will help on cutting down string trimming time. and it might be a good idea to mount a string trimmer on your mower and just trim small areas if needed this will save time also.
  4. scottb

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    Thanks I think I will,and you know I didnt even thik about the church goers maybe needing my sevices too. Right now all I have is a Toro 48" Proline walk behind that works great with my stubby fingers. And after thinking about it theres only about 1.5 acres of open the rest is grave yard. Most of the bushes and trees are lanscaped ad very well edged,so they wouldnt be to time consuming. But the gave yard woud be tough. Old prt all stand up mounments,new part all flat in ground markers so cold motor through this section. My brother will probably come on board so two 48"s wuld be faster than one can maybe alk him into larger machine.
    Thanks guys
  5. Runner

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    And stay AWAY from the gravestones! You're going to be taking a string trimmer around them anyway! All it takes is one chip off the corner of one, and you are going to have one angry, upset family on your hands. Good luck!
  6. Mount two pieces of rub rail on top of one another from a sailboat to the left side of your mowing deck then you should be able to trim right up to the high markers.
  7. MOW ED

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    Bid it to make money because graveyards are alot of work regardless of what you are using. I have one in my backyard and I talk to the guy that takes care of it. You are working for hundreds of customers and boy do you have complainers. Not trimmed nice enough, too many weeds, not cut close enough to Memorial day-Veterans day-the dead guys birthday. Its possible to make money but it can be alot of headaches. I'm not trying to talk it down but just make you aware of my experience with one graveyard. Hope yours is different. Good Luck.
  8. IRISH

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    You can make money mowing cemeterys I have been doing them for 4 yrs. now along with commercial and res. mowing. 2 of the 4 i mow are huge all with stand up markers.I mean big 1 of them takes me and 2 guy almost 8 hrs. of mowing check out rules of cemeterys first to make sure they do not allow people to build shrines around the stones we had this problem at first and by memorial day the weeds were taller than the shrines check into diggin the graves too this is good money we are pouring the cement foundations also more $$$$


  9. Runner

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    "Joe's Lawn Care and Grave Digging" Owner: The Grim Trimmer. Slogan: "Once you know they've passed away, you know their graves won't grow to hay."
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    original question...churches and graveyards...?

    I make it a point to stay out of both.


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