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  1. TFL

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    Do you guys modify your bids for mowing to make them less. i am bidding on a church with 3 acres. it is a small country church is why i thinking of lowering my bid. just wondering if any of you do this for non-profit organizations.
  2. goodbeus

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    you'd be surprised at how much money these non-profit organizatons have :angel:
  3. ADMowing

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    Churches usually want you to do more than what you bid on in the beginning. This is our experience. They nearly expect it! I would bid what you would normally charge anyone else. Then when they want all the little extras, consider that your good deeds. We worked for a very rich church, but you'd never know it. They were very tight and didn't get the roof fixed when it needed it and didn't get termite treatment when they needed it because they didn't want to spend the money. Church is falling apart now -- literally. We served on lots of committees and knew the funds that were available and the tithes and offerings. It was astounding!

    My father in law attends there too and can't figure out what they are saving the money for??? Of all people, they should know that you can't take it with you!!!

    I wouldn't worry about it being a church. I'd treat it like any other account -- 'cause it's work you have to do and you should get paid for it.:angel:

    Make the money and give your 10% plus in your own offering plate at church or if it is your church, give it back that way.

    IMHO --
  4. Brickman

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    Because I am a nice guy, when bidding a church this spring I cut my price by $20 or $30 a week. Still didn't get the job.

    I am living proof that the nice guy ALWAYS finishes last. It sucks the big one, but I don't know how to change it.
  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    We have one we do for big $, rquires a W.B. (gated), and 2 ztrs. Do it fast for over $100/hr with 2-man crew.

    Have one that is one of my first customers, do it reasonable, $75/hr with 2-man crew.

    We always do these on thurs, fri, or sat so they look good for Sunday.

    Won't discount a church unless its the one I attend!!!

  6. We do 4 churchs we price em like any other property .
    Every one of the preachers in these churchs have caddy's mercedes an bmw's so i guess the flock comes though every sunday.
  7. TFL

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    Thanks i was thinking about $50 an hour for a two man crew. do you guys mow once before you give the price to get a feel of the time required?

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    When I price a new yard, I give them an 'estimate', meaning that price will be close to the actual price. 95% of the time the estimate is accurate. If it takes longer than expected, than I'll explain it to the customer. After they see my work, they don't mind paying extra. On the topic of churches, I mow my own church. We just built a new church last year. I raised my pledge amount, and I won't bill the church until my mowing services equal what I pledged. Sure beats putting $$$ in the offering plate each week.

  9. Where I go to church the members have complained about the yard for years
    so this year the committee in charge of the grounds ask me what I would charge for the maintaning the grounds. I quoted a price of 6,000.00 for the year (3.5 acres every week,hedges, beds + you have to drag hoses and sprinklers to water) the committee told me that the ones doing the yard before were only charging 3,000.00. (You get what you pay for!) IMO churches can be good money if everything works right but just remember every one of the members will have their own idea of how the lawn and grounds should be taken care of. Needless to say they found someone to mow for FREE.( Got to give them credit-the yard actually does look better than other years)
  10. DBLC

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    Churches are not non-profit. They don't qualify under AR taxes at least. We do 3 churchs and bid them at fair prices, as we do all jobs. Too low of a bid only means you'll have to hurry and NOT do a GREAT job! Just my thoughts!:angel:

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