Chute that attached to deck for bagger

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  1. jrayb39667

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    Can you guys give me the part# for the chute that attaches to the deck of a 54" fastrak super duty serial #110818** for the bagging system? Also can you give me the diameter of the part where the hose attaches? The reason I need this info is because I bought a Dr Vac and would like to have the hustler chute that fits my deck so i can attach it with a better fit.
  2. ACSMOD11

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    I also have a 54 FastTrak and would like to hook up my DR.
  3. hustlermidwest

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    The Hustler Super Duty Fastrak uses a blower assist for our bagging unit. I believe you are looking for just a boot. Those could be found at aftermarket outlets. If you require a blower unit for the mower it is available as a part.

    Brian O

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