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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ALTERAIN, Dec 3, 2004.


    ALTERAIN LawnSite Member
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    Has anyone taken the cic exam?
  2. IRS

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    Just took it in Tampa back Nov at the Irrigation show Also took the 2 day
    class test is 4 hr 180 questions I hope I pasted it should know in a few
    weeks Are yoo planning on taking it if you want more info let me know.
    More people need to get involved with IA


    ALTERAIN LawnSite Member
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    yes, I will be taking the exam on thurs I got 2 more days to sutudy, I prob. should of taken the two day corse but didnt have time. I just was hoping to get a feel for how tough it is. Did any one section, questions or group of questions catch you off gaurd. I am planing on getting alot more involved in the IA. It is the future of our livelyhood and will become the only way to justify and keep pricing where it should be.
  4. IRS

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    Hope your a lot smarter than I, been at this for 5 yr plumbing even more
    if I had not taken class would not have come close many were taking it 2nd
    time contact me I'll try to tell you more if you want invest a dime
  5. Ground Master

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    what are the questions like? can you provide examples?
  6. IRS

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    Lots of math must know formulas and conversions ie.Distribution Uniformity
    precipitation rate gross and net, hydraulics, pipe sizing ,pumps ,
    electrical ,plumbing code ,backflow , general business , contracts ,OSHA ,(My
    test had 12 OSHA questions) I can't see how any one could pass without
    CIC workbook really need Book and 2 day class test is 180 questions
    it took me 31/2 hr. Don't think just because you have done this for years
    your doing it the best way If you get this or other certifiion it will set you a
    part from compitiion I think it will be a great Marketing tool .

    ALTERAIN LawnSite Member
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    Well I've been studying the cic book,s like a nerd, reminds me of those days cramin before the big pass or fail exam (with out the beer though) I think I got a good idea what it will be like tomorrow? My head is spinning! it sure is alot of info to retain, alot of it very useful. I'll be sure to let you know how I think I did. If I don't pass the first time around I'll take the classes in march 05 and ace it! WISH ME LUCK!!........ It is multiple choice
  8. IRS

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    alterain: how was your test last week ?
  9. Critical Care

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    I feel that the more "marketing tools" you have the better off you are, but my question perhaps is does this tool qualify you for more jobs than what you've currently been doing? And, it's not my intention to play the devil's advocate, but when you advertise that you're CIC, CLT, or whatever, will the typical John Homeowner know what that is or means?
  10. i_plant_art

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    hey guys im not too much into irrigation so i have a stupid question that the answer might be right in front of me but im lost .

    what do the abbreviations mean : cic, ia, clt ??


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